Package Storage Services by Stowfly to keep your online deliveries safe

Package Storage Services by Stowfly to keep your online deliveries safe

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Package theft is a surprisingly upsetting crime. As online shopping has become more popular, the rate at which packages are stolen from customers’ porches has also risen.

In recent years, people who shop online may have heard the phrase “porch pirates.” But what is a porch pirate? These are sneak thieves who target unattended packages on people’s doorsteps, stealing them if the resident isn’t home to collect the parcel upon delivery, and sometimes even immediately upon delivery before a resident can get to the door.

Package theft is particularly pervasive because it is a relatively easy crime to commit with almost no risk. Earlier, porch piracy was limited to the holiday season. However, with online purchasing becoming more popular, it’s open season throughout the year. Terms like Amazon missing packages or Fedex lost packages are not uncommon for package recipients in the recent past.

Tips to ensure secure final leg package deliveries

Stolen packages cost money, time, and energy, so it’s worth taking a little time to prevent the packages from being stolen in the first place. A few tips to do so are:

  • Track the packages after ordering -All of the major carriers offer free basic tracking notifications with text or email confirmation of each step of the shipping process—Some even show the package as it moves from stop to stop for the last half hour before it reaches its final destination. Knowing exactly when the package will arrive makes it easy to plan to pick it up promptly.
  • Band together with your neighbors- Ask if they will bring in packages when you’re not home and let your neighbors know if you had a package stolen so they can stay vigilant.
  • Keep the delivery area visible and some of your home security measures obvious- An open, visible delivery area makes it easier for neighbors to see that something has been delivered and harder for thieves to casually swipe a delivery with nobody noticing.
  • Install a security camera or invest in a home security system -In many cases, the sight of a doorbell camera will cause a package thief to rethink their mission.
  • Require a signature upon delivery -Requiring a signature may cause some inconvenience if the recipient isn’t at home when the package is delivered, but it ensures that when it does arrive, it will be received safely.

The above-mentioned tips can be helpful to a certain extent in protecting your online purchases. However, they cannot be considered as guaranteed measures in completely warding off porch pirates or instances of package thefts.

Missed deliveries and missed packages are a common problem faced by consumers. A missed delivery refers to a shipment that is not delivered to the customer at the right time or within a stipulated period, even after a delivery attempt. Unfortunately, with online purchases rising at a jet speed, the number of missed packages also reaches a new height every day.

Utilizing package lockers or parcel lockers from the United States Postal Service is a safe alternative to protect your online packages. Amazon Locker, an option in many areas, was developed to prevent customers having their Amazon packages stolen. UPS offers a similar service with its UPS Access Point network, which can be set up through the UPS website to divert packages. The limitation includes the open hours of the business in which the locker is located for pickup which might not be flexible.

Having said that, delivered parcel lockers or package storage lockers also come with hefty upfront charges and cannot accommodate packages of larger size dimensions.

Isn't it a better option to have your packages delivered to another secure location instead of the inconvenience of assessing how to make sure it’s not stolen again, which is a hassle that nobody has time for?

What not make use of package receiving and package acceptance services for package storage to ensure that your packages get where they belong?

Let us try to understand what a package receiving service is in the first place.

Package receiving and package acceptance services for package storage

Stowfly is a package storage service provider involved with the task of package receiving and package acceptance. A network of trusted shops closer to you undertake the responsibility of receiving online packages on your behalf from where you can pick them up at your own convenience.

These package storage facilities by Stowfly can be called your secondary address and are located anywhere from your neighborhood restaurant, convenience store or even a coffee shop. All you have to do is to find a location that works best for you in terms of hours of operation and distance from your home or office to book a location and do away with annoying instances of USPS Stolen packages and UPS missed deliveries from now on.

If you are worried about package acceptance services creating a hole in your pocket, then that should be the last thing on your mind. Affordable rentals start at $4 for one-time delivery and $7.50 for subscription. A $1000 insurance policy per package is also offered.

Safety of your valuable items at Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance locations are taken very seriously. Therefore, a unique pick-up PIN is generated for you once your packages are received and no one else can pick-up your parcels unless the unique pick-up PIN is shared with our location partner.

Stowfly package storage facilities are available across all major cities in the USA like NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Washington DC, Miami, Boston, Denver, Las Vegas & Philadelphia.

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