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Perks of availing Package Receiving Services

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Online purchasing in the US is steadily increasing. You could either be waiting on a special purchase, shipping goods to some place, or sending that special gift to a loved one. However, some conditions or situations that are out of control create delivery issues.

Key takeaways of package delivery-related problems include:

  • Nearly eight in 10 Americans have had packages stolen from them in 2022.
  • Porch pirates stole 260 million packages estimated at $19.5 billion in 2022.

After the pandemic, it was assumed that package theft and loss rates would fall as shoppers returned to stores, but that hasn’t happened. Sadly, in 2022, a global report suggested that nearly one in 10 consumers had suffered package theft or loss during a 12-month period, equating to more than one billion packages.

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Addressing the issue of Package Theft and Missed Deliveries

Experiencing package theft is frustrating, and the claims process can be even worse. If you want to minimize your risk of losing packages, consider these options to protect your packages while you are away from home.

Nearly 2 in 3 thefts happened just outside of the victims' homes, so consider taking multiple precautions to ward off brazen porch pirates. A few precautionary measures to safeguard your packages include:

1. Scheduling Deliveries Wisely: Whenever possible, schedule deliveries for times when you will be home to accept them or request a specific delivery time when you are available.

2. Utilize Package Tracking: Stay informed about the whereabouts of your packages by utilizing tracking services offered by delivery companies. This enables you to anticipate delivery times and take appropriate precautions.

3. Secure Delivery Locations: Consider having packages delivered to your workplace or a trusted neighbor's home if you are not available to receive them personally.

4. Install Security Cameras: Video surveillance systems are a powerful deterrent and can provide evidence if theft occurs. Ensure cameras cover areas where packages are typically left.

5. Establish Neighborhood Watch Programs: Collaborate with neighbors to establish a program focused on preventing package theft. By working together, you can keep an eye out for suspicious activity and support one another.

On the contrary, missed deliveries are an unfortunate reality wherein the carrier attempts to deliver a package, but the recipient is not available to receive it. Another reason for missed deliveries is when the delivery agent is unable to leave the order in a secure location (to ensure the customer receives it).

It is debatable if the above-mentioned pointers can work as stated in preventing package theft and missed deliveries altogether. Therefore, a better well-founded solution is the current need of the hour.

If you are someone who has been constantly dealing with Amazon missing packages, UPS lost packages, FedEx stolen packages, and USPS missed deliveries then it is high time you get your act together to combat the same with a package receiving service.

Stowfly is one such service trusted package storage solution diligently involved in receiving and safekeeping packages from carriers like Amazon, UPS, FedEx, USPS, and all other delivery companies.

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How is Stowfly Package Receiving favorable to safely receive and hold your packages?

Stowfly package receiving is a network of trusted shops where you can deliver your online packages and pick them up at your own convenience. Utilizing Stowfly package acceptance can make life much easier, as this can act as your alternate address to receive packages on your behalf. You can always pick it up at your convenience.

Wondering how to book a Stowfly package receiving service? The process is as simple as finding a location that can work best for you, with reference to the distance from your home or office and hours of operation. Once that is done you can begin receiving your packages there.

Rentals are as affordable as $4 for each delivery, which makes it a feasible and practical option to safeguard your parcels that can be worth much more. Every Stowlfy booking is insured up to $1000 so that you can be at ease.

You can rest assured that your packages are secure with Stowfly as a unique pick-up PIN is generated and sent to you. No one else can pick up your package unless the correct pick-up PIN is shown to our location partner.

Book Stowfly and put an end to all your package problems after this. Take a look at this blog for more details on how package receiving and package acceptance services can help combat your year-round package delivery problems.

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