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A Solution for Missed Deliveries and Missed Packages

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The 2.3 million numbers were amazing for the e-commerce industry. However, it also got associated with other package delivery problems. Package theft, porch piracy, missed deliveries, USPS missing packages, and FedEx lost packages, are some of the terms that started making rounds due to the increase in e-commerce activities.

In this article, we will get into detail about the meaning of missed deliveries and packages. We will understand the various problems that are associated with it. While also trying to bring a few solutions to the problems.

What are missed deliveries or missed packages?

Missed deliveries is a term that is often used when an attempt was made to deliver an online package and that could not be successful. In other terms, it can be defined as a delivery person from the e-commerce company reaching the delivery address who could not deliver the package. This is the situation when the package has to be taken back and brought back for re-delivery. The failed attempt to deliver the package on the first-go accounts for missed delivery or missed package.

Missed deliveries or missed packages usually occur when the recipient of the package is absent at the delivery address. During such times, the immediate action of the delivery person is to call the recipient on the arrival of the order. If the recipient is somewhere close by, he or she may come to the spot and receive the package. Sometimes, the recipient can permit the delivery person to hand over the package to their neighbors.

A few other times, some of the deliveries may require a signature from the recipient. Electronic items such as phones, or other gadgets may require a signature before the package is handed over to the recipient. In such times, if the recipient could not be reached on phone or is unavailable, missed deliveries become inevitable.

What are the disadvantages of missed deliveries and missed packages?

The disadvantages of missed deliveries and missed packages are applicable to all the stakeholders involved. From the end customer to the shipping company to the e-commerce owner. All of them in the process will have to face the disadvantages of missed deliveries.

Disadvantages of missed deliveries or missed packages to the end customer

  • The end customer will have to wait for an extended period of time to receive the packages
  • At times, if the package does not arrive within the next two days, the end customer will have to spend additional time following up with the delivery agency.

Disadvantages of missed deliveries or missed packages to the shipping company

  • Shipping companies will have to re-align their logistical plan to re-attempt deliveries
  • They will have to allocate extra man-hours to deliver the same package to the same address
  • They will have to incur additional fuel charges adding an additional carbon footprint to the environment.

Disadvantages of missed deliveries or missed packages to the e-commerce companies

  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Hamper to the brand reputation
  • Poor online reviews

How can we effectively handle missed deliveries and missed packages?

One of the best solutions to effectively handle the troubles of missed deliveries and missed package is to make use of package receiving or package acceptance services nearby. Stowfly is one such service provider available in NYC and spreading its network all over the USA. Stowfly is a network of mom-and-pop stores available near you. These stores are package-storage locations. They act like your secondary address where your online orders can be delivered. You pay a minimum fee of $4 per package and your package will be safe at Stowfly locations.

Stowfly's package-storage services help in popularizing out-of-home delivery options. This is advantageous for end customers, shipping companies, and e-commerce companies in total. For the end customers, this option means flexible pick-up time. For shipping and e-commerce companies, Stowfly provides centralized package drop-off points that totally avoid door-to-door delivery movement. In an interview with MIT Technology Review, Stowfly's CEO Sid Khattri opines, the centralized system for e-commerce delivery through mom-and-pop stores solves two problems at once. “Make extra income and get foot traffic at a time when physical retail is dying.”

Missed deliveries and missed packages are increasing problems in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Washington DC, Miami, Boston, Denver, Las Vegas & Philadelphia. Innovative solutions provided by Stowfly can take us a long way in handling the problem.