Is Your USPS Package Missing or Not Delivered? The Dos and Don'ts

Is Your USPS Package Missing or Not Delivered? The Dos and Don'ts

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Almost everyone today uses a delivery service. You can now get your groceries, food, shopping, or packages delivered. Delivery services help make our lives easier and more convenient. Today we bank on most such services to solve our daily regular chores and work. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the modern world we live in today has solutions to most problems. So why can there not be a solution to missing package USPS or USPS packages not delivered? Amazon missing package, FedEx stolen package, UPS lost package are terms we are very familiar with these days.

Package delivery services have given rise to a new kind of problem - the problems of package theft, missed deliveries, and lost packages. About 90,000 packages are stolen, lost, or misdelivered in NYC alone. The numbers are alarming. Porch pirates have become audaciously bold to swipe packages off people's doorsteps. It is time that we tackle such problems.

This burning issue is not a sole problem with a particular package receiving service. Whether you choose to use a UPS package receiving service, a FedEx package receiving service, a USPS package receiving service, or an Amazon package receiving service, you are not spared from the clutches of package delivery problems.

What to do if your package is not delivered or missing

Have you used USPS package receiving service service and faced problems like missing packages and packages not delivered? It can be very frustrating, annoying, and upsetting. If you have been in such a situation, there are a few do's and don'ts to keep in mind.

The Do's

  • Contact USPS and inform them of your missed or undelivered package. Fill out a USPS Help request form. Like all delivery services, USPS also has systems in place to track and locate your lost package.
  • Keep your receipts, order confirmation number, shipping confirmation email, and tracking information handy. It is always good to have this information put together in a safe place so that you won't have to stress out looking for it when you'll already be stressed because of a lost package.
  • Contact the retailer to see if they can resend or refund. Some online retailers are able to recover a lost package. If not, they could agree to send a replacement or refund your purchase.
  • Insure your package so that in the event it is lost, stolen, or misdelivered, you can receive a refund. This is so important if your package is of a high value.
  • Keep proof of the value of your item. Also, another important point to keep in mind.
  • And lastly, if nothing else seems to be working, file a claim. Either the sender or the receiver of a USPS package can file a claim.

The Don'ts

  • Don't sit tight and not report it to USPS. The more such cases are reported, the sooner better solutions will be formulated.
  • Don't be a victim to porch pirates. Install an outdoor security camera or doorbell camera. You could help identify the porch pirates and help catch them.
  • Don't forget to file a police report. Report your USPS missing package to the local police. Submit any form of evidence you may have, like video footage from your doorbell camera or outdoor security camera if you have one. Do your part and report your missing package to the police.
  • Don't be unsocial in your neighborhood. Being friendly and kind to your neighbors can go a long way. They can be your eyes and ears when you're not around.

How do you avoid USPS missed packages?

Hundreds of packages are shipped by USPS every day. Unfortunately, not all packages reach their destinations. Are you tired of keying in 'package not delivered USPS' search results on google? Wished there was a way to ensure your packages were received and received safely? There is just a perfect solution to this problem. It is called Stowfly. By using Stowfly services, you can say goodbye to all your missing USPS packages in NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Washington DC, Miami, Boston, Denver, Las Vegas, Jersey City & Philadelphia hereafter!

How does this work? Stowfly has partnered with shops and stores in and around your neighborhood to provide you with a safe alternative address to ship your deliveries to. Choose a location convenient to you and book a delivery to your preferred location. Your package arrives at the chosen location and is kept safe until you can collect it.

At a minimal charge of $4 per use, it is an affordable and secure system to never miss another NYC package delivery again. All Stowfly locations are vetted, verified, and safe to use. Additionally, every booking is insured by a sum amount of $1000.

If you are fed up with missing package deliveries or your packages are getting stolen from your doorstep, stress no more and simply have them sent to a Stowfly location.

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