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This page covers Stowfly's main Terms & Conditions. Please scroll down to read.


1. Introduction

1.1 Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using They form a legally binding agreement between you ('you', 'your', the 'User', the Storage Provider' or the 'Storage Seeker') and Vertoe Inc, registered at the State of with File Number 5953329 ('e', 'us', 'our', 'Stowfly' or the 'Company') which governs your use of this website (the 'Website') and our services.

1.2 By registering/signing up your details with the Website or using any services provided by the Company ('the Services') in any way, you ('the User' or 'you') agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions ('the Terms and Conditions'), to inform the Company of all the Services undertaken, and to pay the relevant fees. If you do not accept all the Terms and Conditions you must not use or access the Website and its services. The Company reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice. You will be deemed to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions, including any changes, each time you use the Site.

1.3 The Services are provided by helping connect users of the website that are looking for storage space(s) (also, referred to as 'Storage seeker(s)' or 'Consumer(s)' or 'Customer(s)' or 'Seeker(s)') to users of the website that are providing private storage space(s) (also, referred to as 'Storage Provider(s)' or 'Host(s)' or 'Provider(s)' or 'Partner(s)' or 'Stowfly Partner(s)') by promoting it on our website. The Services are only provided to facilitate this connection between Consumers and Hosts including but not limited to search, discovery, messaging, booking, payment, ratings and reviews. The Company is not a rental agent or a property broker.

1.4 Our services are not available to, and may not be used by, persons under the age of 18 years or to temporarily or indefinitely suspended Users. If you do not qualify, please do not use our Services. If you are registering as a business entity, by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you represent that you have the authority to bind that business entity to these Terms and Conditions.

2. Definition

2.1 Qualifying Loss- means loss or damage occurring during the period of validity of a Booking, (i) if claimed by the Provider, to the structure, fixtures and/or fittings of the premises which they own, (ii) if claimed by the Consumer, to items owned by the Consumer and stored at the Storage Address of the booked storage space.

2.2 Stowfly Guarantee or Guarantee- means the guarantee of compensation for loss or damage provided to either the seeker or the provider by the Company whose conditions, limitations and exclusions are set out in clause 7 of these Terms and Conditions

2.3 Price or Fee- means the total amount charged by Stowfly to the Consumer for a booking incl. but not limited to base price and taxes of the storage space.

2.4 Calendar Day- means the operating hours of a Stowfly Location for a specific calendar day

2.5 Company Share- means the % of booking price (if applicable, less taxes, transaction fees and any other associated fees to the Payment Manager and/or the bank) that the Company keeps as its share out of the total booking price charged to the Consumer for a successful booking, i.e, payment for the booking has been completed and services used by the Consumer.

2.6 Provider Share- means the % of booking price (if applicable, less taxes and transaction fees to the Payment Manager and/or bank), given by Stowfly to the provider (who listed their private storage space) out of the total booking price charged to the Consumer for a successful booking, i.e, payment for the booking has been completed and services used by the Consumer. Stowfly and our partners will occasionally give out promotional codes as part of specific offers. In the event an offer is used towards a booking, partner compensation will be adjusted accordingly.

2.7 Prohibited Items- means items which may not be stored under these Terms and Conditions under any circumstances, and which are set out in clause 3.3.

2.8 Provider or Host or Stowfly Partner or Partner or Storage Provider- means the person or business promoting via the Website and providing a Storage Space in order for the Storage Seeker to store their items.

2.9 Registration Details- means the information used to identify each unique User, comprising an email address and a password

2.10 Storage Address or Stowfly Listing/Location or Stowfly Verified Listing/Location or Partner Listing/Location or Listing/Location or Verified Listing/Location- means the premises containing the Storage Space which is listed on the website on a dedicated page and which is the subject of a booking.

2.11 Storage Space- means the physical space at the Storage Address as listed by a Provider where items are stored for the duration of the booking.

2.12 Stored Items or Goods or Stored Goods- means the goods and items that are stored at the listing in a Booking.

2.13 Booking/Reservation- means an arrangement for storage between a Provider and a Seeker where Stowfly facilitates this transaction through the Services provided on the Website. Booking contains, among other things, details on payment, number of items to be stored, date(s) and duration for which the storage space is needed.

2.14 Storer or Storage Seeker or Seeker or Customer or Consumer- means the person paying the Price and utilising a Storage Space to store items belonging to them or under their control

2.15 Structural Damage- means damage of any kind to the structure, fixtures and fittings of the physical premises of the Listing.

2.16 Structural Damage Incident- means an incident causing Structural Damage to the Storage Space or Storage Address, and may comprise one or more discrete instances of damage or loss, as long as they have a causative element in common. The Company reserves the absolute right in its sole discretion to determine what constitutes a Structural Damage Incident in practice, what was the cause of such Incident, and whether damage was caused by one single such Incident, or multiple Incidents.

2.17 Listings Page- The dedicated page on the website that gives details of a storage space as promoted and outlined by a Provider.

2.18 User- means a user of the Website and/or our services

2.19 Subscription - means the automatically-renewing subscription membership that gives you access to either a fixed amount or unlimited of storage credit (a 'Stowfly Credit' or a 'Stowfly')

2.20 Stowfly Credit means, in relation to storage credit of a Subscription, a credit for storing one item for one Calendar Day.