How to effectively handle the situation of Missed Packages

How to effectively handle the situation of Missed Packages

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Around the country, more than 1.7 million packages are stolen or go missing every day, adding up to more than $25 million in lost goods and services.

Ideally, if your parcel hasn't arrived, you should first check the delivery address you gave the seller to make sure it's correct. Then, you should contact the seller and ask where your order is. If the seller claims it's been delivered, or doesn't know its whereabouts, then you can ask for a redelivery.

Depending on your address, the courier service provider will leave your package either at a parcel shop or a depot. Customers may also go to their local Post Office pickup location based on the information on the back of their Redelivery Notice.

On the other hand, if your package has not been delivered to the intended destination address, it may be lost.This can happen if an address is misspelled, the wrong packaging is used, or if the address label falls off a package, the package cannot be delivered successfully. The package may be delivered to the wrong place.You can also contact the delivery company to ask them about the status of your package. They will be able to tell you whether or not your package was lost, and if so, they can help you find it.

Learn about potential ways to deal with missed deliveries and missed packages in this blog.

Why do packages go missing?

In almost every case, packages get to where they're going with no problems. But sometimes packages do go missing. About 15 percent of all deliveries in urban areas fail to reach customers because of package theft and other less frequent issues, like deliveries to the wrong house, according to the New York Times.

If a delivery attempt is made and fails, this may occur for a number of reasons:

  • The item came in a package which would not fit in the available mailbox receptacle.
  • The delivery details on the package are incorrect.
  •  There was no secure location to leave packages.

Reasons for lost packages include:

  • Packages not being shipped in the first place
  • The Packaging slip was not scanned properly by the carrier or it fell off.
  • The package was delivered to the wrong address
  • The package as damaged
  • Package got stolen after delivery, courtesy porch pirates.

In most cases, a stolen package results from deliveries sitting on the front porch for days while owners are at work or on vacation, giving porch pirates plenty of time to snag them.

Unfortunately, most online shoppers lack much recourse if their packages are stolen. In most cases, delivery companies and retailers don't take responsibility for stolen packages once dropped off. Some might not also offer to replace the stolen products.

Missed deliveries usually are a result of roadblocks that halted progression during delivery. If you missed a package delivery, it means the delivery agent made a delivery attempt at the delivery address, but it went unsuccessful. The mail carrier will typically leave a “Redelivery Notice” on your front door or in your mailbox to notify you that a parcel delivery was attempted.

Approaching delivery companies in case of Missed Packages

Contacting the shipping company is the best way to determine if a package was lost or stolen. While carriers won't usually reimburse damaged or stolen packages, they are typically willing to reimburse lost packages. Along with recovering the cost of the item, you can also receive reimbursement for any shipping costs that you paid. Filing these refund claims may be a bit of a hassle. If you can determine that a package never arrived, usually due to a lack of updates from the carrier, filing a claim with the carrier is your best course of action.


In case of Amazon missing packages, speak with customer service for a tracking update. Ask neighbors if they received the package. Wait 36 hours after the expected delivery date and time to file a claim.

This is what you can do if your Amazon tracking information shows that your package was delivered, but you can't find it:

  • Verify the shipping address in Your Orders.
  • Look for a notice of attempted delivery.
  • Look around the delivery location for your package.
  • Check your mailbox or wherever else you receive mail. Some packages travel through multiple carriers.
  • Wait 48 hours. In rare cases, packages may say delivered up to 48 hours before arrival.
  • If you haven't received your package, contact Amazon within 30 days of expected delivery.


This is what you can do in case of a UPS missing package, i.e the package either hasn’t been delivered or has been lost or misplaced.

  • If your package’s status shows a missing delivery, your first step is to contact the shipper.
  • After you contact the shipper, UPS works with them to search for the package.
  • You’ll need to work with the shipper through this process to determine if a replacement item or refund will be granted.
  • However, If the package was redirected to a UPS Access Point, you’d be able to go pick it up there.


If you think your USPS package or mail is lost or delayed, follow these steps to help find your USPS missing packages.

  • Check the Current Status
  • Before you begin your search, if your package or mail has tracking, check USPS Tracking to see its current status. For additional information, visit Informed Delivery FAQs.
  • Complete a Help Request Form
  • Submit a Missing Mail Search Request

If after 7 business days from when you submitted your online help request form your mail or package hasn't arrived, submit a Missing Mail search request with information like sender mailing address, recipient mailing address,Identifying information such as your USPS tracking number(s), the mailing date from your mailing receipt, or Click-N-Ship label receipt, description of the contents and Pictures that could help recognize your item.


To report a Fedex missing package that is indicated as 'delivered', simply track your package, select the 'Manage Delivery' option and then select the 'Report Missing Package' option.

To track your package now, visit Fedex tracking page, or you can track the package through their Virtual Assistant.

To file a general claim for the package, enter a claim at

Though delivery companies have processes in place for consumers to track delivery details and then claim for a refund for missing packages, it is better to avoid getting into the cumbersome procedure which requires constant follow-ups that are time-consuming as well.

Opt for package receiving and package acceptance instead, as these services are functional ways to receive packages by working as an alternate address on your behalf from where you can always retrieve them at your convenience.

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