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With the e-commerce boom, more and more people are buying online as it is a convenient process. Consequently, they expect smooth and quick package delivery. However, consumers are constantly facing issues related to package theft, missed deliveries, lost or broken packages, etc. The need to ensure a swift package delivery process is quintessential.

According to the latest CivicScience data, 9-in-10 U.S. adults have received a package via delivery in the last three months. The majority (56%) of recipients experienced problems at some point with a package delivery service, such as missing/misplaced or damaged packaging. A total of 21% encountered delivery issues on a somewhat consistent basis.

A typical scenario is when you are waiting for a package to be delivered and decide to look up the tracking number, only to find that an attempted delivery was made during the one time you weren’t home. This fact doesn't make it less frustrating for a consumer.

Missed deliveries generally occur if a signature is required upon reception and no one was home to accept the package. Another common reason is related to having the wrong information for a package once it is in the carriers’ hands. It can be anything from a wrong address to missing or incorrect information.

Online shopping has become a common part of our lives, and it's safe to say that it is here to stay. That being said, package theft has become all too common as well. So far in 2022, almost 1 in 7 (14%) Americans have fallen victim to porch pirates according to

Having a package stolen can be frustrating and confusing for customers. Even though porch pirates will continue to lurk and steal packages, there are some things you can do to protect your online purchases. If you know a package is expected to be delivered, be diligent in collecting it as soon as possible to lessen the opportunity for porch pirates to steal it.

With the vast majority of Americans planning to have at least one package delivered this holiday season, they need to be prepared for the threat of porch pirates. Taking steps like signing up for text alerts, closely tracking packages, and being at home to receive their packages will help ensure that they do not become another porch pirate victim.

How can you recover stolen deliveries?

Once you have made sure that your parcels are indeed stolen, you can try to get a refund or a replacement from the sender or delivery company. Following a few steps in this regard can be helpful:

1. Contact the sender - If you know that the package was definitely delivered but was probably stolen, the next step is to contact the sender. Some of them might even replace or refund your purchase right away and take over the responsibility of dealing with the delivery company.

2. Report it to Amazon, FedEx, UPS or USPS

Amazon makes getting a refund for missing packages pretty easy. If the tracking software shows that a package arrived, but you didn't physically receive it, or it was stolen, you can contact Amazon once 36 hours have passed since it was supposed to have arrived. If a third-party seller sent the product, Amazon would still handle the refund.

You can file a lost package claim online with FedEx to fill out and submit. In general, it takes between five and seven business days for FedEx to resolve a claim of this nature.

For USPS missing packages, you'll first need to fill out a Help Request form that will notify your local Post Office so they can help locate any missing packages. If you don’t recover your parcel within seven days, you’ll need to fill out a Missing Mail Search Request with the tracking number, evidence of insurance, and proof of the item’s value. You'll also need to submit any evidence you have that the package was actually stolen.

With UPS, you will need to wait 24 hours after the supposed delivery time to file a missing package claim. You'll need to contact the seller because the refund will be issued to them rather than to you. If the missing package came from an international address, it might be challenging to get a replacement or a refund through UPS.

3. File a police report for stolen packages - If there are no witnesses and you don't have a doorbell camera or outdoor security camera, there probably is not much the police can do. However, if there have been package thefts in your neighborhood recently, there is a higher likelihood that the cops will investigate the situation.

It is always better to prevent such adverse occurrences than go through the endless and cumbersome process of reporting and then take time out to follow up for refunds and so on.

How can you protect your front-door deliveries?

Almost everyone has experienced package theft at one point. In order to avoid experiences of being once bitten twice shy, let's look at some of the ways you can prevent having packages stolen in the future.

1. Install a doorbell camera- While doorbell cameras aren't necessarily the best theft deterrents because they are less visible, they can make it possible to porch pirates in action. While outdoor security cameras might scare away a thief, doorbell cameras give you a clear image of their face as evidence.

2. Advertise Your Home Security System on Your Windows and In Your Yard - It doesn't hurt to place a yard sign and some window stickers advertising your home security system. This can deter thieves who aren't willing to chance getting caught on camera or setting off a motion detector alarm.

3. Ask your neighbors for help - If you’re friendly with your neighbors, see if they will hold or pick up a package when you’re not home, especially if you offer to do the same for them.

4. Rent a package locker or parcel locker - A parcel locker is a secure storage system that allows users to send and receive parcels conveniently and securely.

 The best possible solution is to have your packages delivered to a more secure location like a package receiving or package acceptance service as the pointers mentioned above come with their own set of shortcomings and cannot guarantee as an all in all solution to fend off porch pirates. Stowfly is one such service provider facilitating easy and convenient ways to get packages delivered to locations closer to you, across the USA.

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Package receiving and package acceptance to resolve your package problems

Stowfly solves the problem of missed packages and missed deliveries along with package theft by giving you the option to get your packages delivered to local shops and businesses closer to you..

A comprehensive network that is persistently working towards ensuring the safety and security of your parcels with locations that work best for you in terms of hours of operation and distance from either your work or office.

Booking a Stowfly package acceptance service is extremely simple. Just look for a Stowfly location near you, book an address, and start your package receiving process there. You will be notified once your parcels arrive at our location and you can pick them up at your convenience.

If you are worried about package acceptance and package receiving services creating a hole in your pocket, then you have no reason to do so. Rentals are as reasonable as $4 for each delivery or $7.50 per month for a subscription. Along with this, every Stowfly booking is insured up to $1000 to give you that extra peace of mind.

A unique pick-up PIN code is generated specifically for you, no one else can pick up your package unless the correct pick-up PIN is shown to our location partner. This adds to the extra security measures undertaken to ensure the safety of your parcels.

With Stowfly in charge of your precious packages, you no longer have to constantly deal with Amazon missing packages, UPS lost packages, Fedex stolen packages, and USPS missed deliveries from now on.

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