Why opt for Package Receiving and Package Acceptance Services over Parcel lockers?

Why opt for Package Receiving and Package Acceptance Services over Parcel lockers?

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Parcel lockers are physical lockable storage boxes where packages and parcels can be left securely for collection by delivery companies, residents in apartment complexes and customers at retail stores. They act as a simple, safe, and effective delivery solution. These are traditional parcel lockers, similar to those ones you can find in a post office.

Parcels lockers have different variations, namely, Smart Lockers, Electronic Lockers, Automated Lockers & Intelligent Lockers. These terms are more commonly used to refer to a fairly recent piece of technology. The truth is that regardless of the terminology, they all are the same product with minute differences that may apply.

A smart locker is a storage solution that has integrated technology built into it, allowing it to automate package delivery, notification, and distribution. Once a package is delivered into a smart locker system, the recipient is automatically notified that their package is ready for pickup and provided access instructions.

Access instructions generally take the form of an access code, order number, or barcode that they can scan. Once they arrive at the locker location, the user enters their verification information at the kiosk touch screen or accesses their assigned locker using a mobile app. Once the verification information is entered correctly the door to the correct locker will open and the customer will be able to retrieve their package.

How are Parcel Lockers helpful in preventing Package Theft?

It is a well-known fact that package delivery volume has increased drastically due to e-commerce growth and the rising trend of online shopping. It has created new challenges for postal services, delivery service providers, and any building that receives packages in terms of last-yard delivery. In such circumstances, parcel lockers have emerged as a solution, allowing delivery vans to service a single drop-off point for multiple packages. Also, they ensure successful deliveries to the recipients.

A recent survey found that 26% of Americans have had a package stolen from their doorstep. Experts agree that the less time a package sits unattended on a porch, the less likely it is to be pirated. However, it might not be practically possible for the recipient to be present during each delivery resulting in packages being left on the porch or doorsteps by the delivery agent. This in turn provides a perfect opportunity for porch pirates to swipe away recently delivered packages from your porch or another place around your home.

A parcel Locker comes in handy as a long-term safer storage option for parcels and package delivery in order to avoid chances of them disappearing before you ever find them on your porch, thanks to the invasion of porch pirates.

What are the drawbacks of Parcel Lockers?

Though Parcel locker delivery systems have been around for quite some time, they have been widely used in recent years, especially during the pandemic, as they offer a safe, convenient, and contactless option for parcel pick-up. Parcel lockers are no doubt a reasonable solution to prevent package theft and missed deliveries, but they do have a few drawbacks:

  • The hefty upfront cost. These lockers are pricey and hence not an affordable option.
  • Locker compartments are predetermined. With size dimension constraints, you may end up with large packages that don't fit into any available space.
  • Lapse on the part of delivery agents. Sometimes delivery agents may opt to leave packages in the lobby, by the unit door, or at the building’s front door. Not only does this defeat the purpose of the parcel lockers, but it also opens the door for package theft.
  • Most electronic parcel lockers have no security features. As a result, anyone can hack the system and steal packages leaving you with no evidence of who committed the larceny.

Parcel lockers cannot be regarded as a guaranteed problem solving mechanism with regards to package thefts and missed deliveries. Delivery companies also need to be proactively involved in undertaking suitable measures to bring down package crimes to the minimum.

Initiatives undertaken by third-party delivery companies to tackle package problems

You cannot always control when a package will be delivered or whether you will be present at home to retrieve it. The good news is that there are options to change the delivery location and ensure the safety of your package.

Amazon offers a delivery option called Amazon Locker. The company has lockers at various locations, from pharmacies to convenience stores. Rather than having a package delivered to your front door, you can choose to have it delivered to a nearby locker.You will receive a notification when your package is delivered, just as you normally would. When you get to the locker, use the code that Amazon sends you, which will trigger the opening of the locker. No one can get the package without your code, so you know it's safe until you can pick it up.

FedEx has developed a network of “Ship & Get Self Service Lockers“. With their lockers one can drop off items for shipment or receive packages.

UPS Access Point lockers help to make life easier for customers who can't have their packages left at the door. Now customers that might have missed a package during their home delivery, can utilize UPS Access Point lockers to receive deliveries on their schedule.

USPS-owned parcel lockers are located in post offices and are available for use by anyone. First, find a locker that is convenient for you. You can do this by visiting the USPS website and entering your zip code. This will bring up a list of all the parcel lockers in your area.

Though there are precautionary measures in place by third-party delivery companies, a plausible solution needs to be up and running in order to authenticate a smoother last-mile delivery process.

A package receiving and package acceptance service is a tailor-made solution that substantiates as a safe package storage facility and receives parcels on your behalf to be retrieved by you at your wish. Stowfly is one such package acceptance and package receiving service that is prevalent throughout the USA. Stowfly’s concept is quite similar to delivered parcel lockers in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Washington DC, Miami, Boston, Denver, Las Vegas & Philadelphia, except for the existence of verified locations for safekeeping your parcels.

Why does Stowfly Package Receiving and Package Acceptance service have an added advantage over Parcel Lockers?

Stowfly provides an innovative solution to effectively deal with all your package related problems. If you are frequently dealing with issues pertaining to Amazon missing packages, FedEx lost packages, UPS missed packages and USPS stolen packages, Stowfly package acceptance service is the answer to all your package woes.

With an all-inclusive vast network of package receiving services available closer to you and at your disposal, your packages are seamlessly managed by Stowfly by receiving and safekeeping them, until you wish to retrieve them at your convenience.

Stowfly locations are closely and conveniently located and could be anywhere from your neighborhood coffee shop, convenience store or even a restaurant. This close proximity in turn saves you a lot of time, effort and energy.along with avoiding dealing with the vicious cycle associated with package theft, missed deliveries and so on.

With pricing options as minimal as $4.00 for one time delivery, you can completely rely on Stowfly for accepting and holding your packages. An $1000 insurance policy per package with a mandatory $0.50 charge per package booking reassures you about the prominence given to your precious packages.

Security is of paramount concern with Stowfly and hence a unique pick up PIN code is generated for you and no one else is allowed to pick up your package unless the correct pick up PIN is shown to our location partner.

Stowfly package acceptance services are not just restricted to receiving parcels only from Amazon, they can be from companies like USPS, FedEx, UPS or any other shipping companies as well.This flexibility in package receiving can ensure that multiple packages from different carriers can be effortlessly picked up by you from a single location.

A simple and easy booking process is another feather added to Stowfly’s cap. All you need to do is look for a Stowfly location near you, book a convenient location as your secondary address and start receiving packages. Check this blog for more details on Stowfly’s package receiving and package acceptance services.