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Americans took to online shopping long before the pandemic, embracing the ease of one-click purchases and packages left on their porch. Unfortunately, the same shopping conveniences that benefit consumers are a boon for criminals who prey on our parcels.

Package theft is not the only widespread last-foot delivery issue, there are also grave concerns related to missing packages, missed deliveries and also cases of lost packages along with third-party delivery companies related issues like Amazon missing packages, UPS package theft and so on. Let us analyze a few of them:

Package Theft reports of one of the instances in Rochester, NY, where individuals like Fadrea Jones are still dealing with multiple instances of package theft in the last two months.

“I wanted to order a security stick for my home to make sure the door is secure and I ordered it and it was stolen off my porch while I was at work,” said Jones. “I took it upon myself to get the doorbell camera to think that it was gonna deter them from wanting to take it, but the person still just comes onto the porch and takes it off the porch,” she said. Jones is now looking into using alternate methods like pickup lockers or getting packages delivered to another address. “I don’t order as many packages anymore because I don’t want to waste my hard-earned money and get the package stolen,” she said.

An alarming rise in cases related to Package theft has been witnessed in Las Vegas, Jersey City & Los Angeles, with UPS package theft in Dallas.

Porch pirates are repeatedly striking Jersey City,  Washington DC and Las Vegas leaving package recipients desperately looking for alternatives to safeguard their parcels.

Missed Deliveries and Missing Packages

More than 1 in 10 packages 'disappear without explanation' in major US cities, and it's a huge headache for recipients. A growing percentage of packages are going missing in major cities like New York, Washington, DC and Denver, and it's becoming a major problem for retailers like Amazon.

In New York City, more than 90,000 packages disappear daily, contributing to growing problems for retailers and delivery service companies dealing with an estimated $25 million in lost goods and services.

Missed deliveries/ missing deliveries and missed packages in other cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Washington DC, Miami, Boston, Las Vegas & Philadelphia are also on the rise.

Frequent annoying incidents related to Amazon missing packages are being reported from Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Boston & Chicago which needs immediate attention and a stringent course of action.

In case of Amazon missing packages, this is what you can do if you cannot find your package even if the tracking information shows that your package was delivered.

  • You first want to check the item's tracking information via your Order history.
  • If the package is said to have been delivered, check around your home to confirm that the driver didn't leave it in an inconspicuous location.
  • You should also visit the Order Details section to verify the shipping address on the item in case it was sent to the wrong location.
  • Wait 48 hours. In rare cases, packages may say delivered up to 48 hours before arrival.
  • If you haven't received your package, contact Amazon customer service within 30 days of expected delivery.

In case of UPS missed deliveries & UPS Missed Packages which has been a cause of major concern in Jersey City, UPS may deliver your package to a UPS Access Point location near your home, where your package will be held for you to pick up for 7 calendar days, if you are unavailable when UPS attempts delivery at your address.

Though third-party shipping companies are maximizing efforts to help you with untoward instances of missed deliveries and missed packages, following up for a definitive result can be taxing and cumbersome and may not always have positive outcomes.

Lost Packages

When you ship through DHL, FedEx, UPS, or USPS most packages make it to their destinations intact and on time. But, what about those rare occurrences when packages are lost in transit? Lost Packages in Denver have been causing a lot of anxiety and distress to consumers with there being no permanent solution to combat this issue.

Yes, you can manually file refund claims for lost packages by yourself, but it is a huge hassle for more reasons than one:

  • Tedious Process – The process to file a claim manually is an exhaustive one, you will have to deal with multiple forms, proofs, and document submissions.
  •  Time-Consuming – After submitting a claim, you may not get your refund immediately. Sometimes it takes forever to get a refund for one single package.
  • Not Cost-Effective – The amount of time and money you will spend to get a refund will be greater than the compensation you will probably receive.
  • Inefficient Use of Resources – This process requires lots of back-and-forth communication along with document re-submissions.

Think about it. Is it worth having to go through this tiring process of filing refund claims or is prevention better than cure? Isn't it better to opt for facilities like package lockers to get your packages delivered and pick them up effortlessly?

Benefits of Package Lockers in last-mile delivery

Package lockers, also known as Parcel lockers, Delivered parcel lockers and package storage lockers in cities like NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Washington DC, Miami, Boston, Denver, Las Vegas, Jersey City & Philadelphia are existing facilities which are essentially lockable storage boxes where packages can be left and stored for collection by a mail carrier, delivery company, residents, and/or customers.

Traditional parcel lockers require a key. Mail carriers may use a unique master code or key to access a parcel locker and place the delivery inside, while other delivery personnel may get the key from the property manager.

Electronic delivered parcel lockers, on the other hand, may have a keypad or QR code or barcode scanner. The delivery person must enter a unique code or scan the package to unlock the locker. The recipient is notified by text, app, or email when a package is delivered, they are also sent the code they need to unlock the package storage locker and retrieve their package.

However, with disadvantages like predetermined compartment sizes, lack of security features and hefty upfront costs leading to a not a budget friendly option, the need for a better alternative to package lockers is imperative.

Package acceptance and package receiving by Stowfly are excellent package storage options where you can have your parcels shipped to and retrieve them when it is convenient for you.

Safeguard your packages with Package Acceptance and Package Receiving by Stowfly

Package acceptance in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Washington DC, Miami, Boston, Denver & Philadelphia is where your precious packages belong to for safekeeping.

Stowfly, well-known and recognized for prompt package receiving in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, and Miami is also a force to reckon with in cities like NYC, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Austin, Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington DC and many others.

With an extensive network of package receiving and package acceptance that is prevalent all over the USA, Stowfly is a convenient way to get packages delivered to a location that is closer to you for an affordable pricing option that starts at $4 for one time delivery.

All you have to do is book a Stowfly location and ship your online deliveries there and pick up at your own convenient time. These locations are your secondary address and can be anywhere from your neighborhood convenience store or a coffee shop. Your part is to find a location that works best for you in terms of hours of operation and distance from your home or office and start receiving your packages there to facilitate an easy pick up.

Safety of your packages is given top priority at Stowfly, hence a unique pick up PIN code is generated for you and no one else can pick up your package unless the correct pick up PIN is shown to our location partner. Along with this all our bookings are insured up to $1000 to give you that extra peace of mind.

With Stowfly package storage service near you effectively managing packages in Austin and Denver among many others, annoying instances related to Amazon missing packages, UPS lost packages, Fedex stolen packages and USPS missed deliveries are going to be non-existent hereafter!