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Ways to prevent Porch Piracy during the last-mile delivery

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Porch Piracy has skyrocketed with e-commerce sales increasing at breakneck speeds. Porch Piracy refers to the act of stealing packages from other people’s front porch or doorsteps. This can happen when a package is delivered and the recipient is not home, or it can occur even if the recipient is home, but the package is left unsecured.

According to "Porch pirates stole an estimated 260 million packages in the last year." Package theft is expected to continue rising as more goods are purchased online and delivered to homes, experts say. Latest reports on suggest that Porch Piracy is on the rise as consumers return to office.

Having an item stolen from your porch makes people feel violated. You feel like someone is watching you and looking for that opportunity to strike.This burning issue needs to be addressed and nipped in the bud at the earliest to save yourself from the agony and misery of Porch piracy.

Ways and means to deal with Porch Piracy

Porch piracy has become a pervasive problem. More frustrating is that there is very little recourse for dealing with these sneak thieves. A few preventive measures mentioned below can take you a long way in dealing with this issue at large :

  • Track Packages - By keeping a track on real-time alerts you can always request the package to be delivered later or have someone pick up the package right after delivery.
  • Require signature for delivery - Shipping services typically offer a signature-upon-delivery option that can be selected when shipping arrangements are being made. The best option would be to ask that someone sign for a package when it is delivered, such as a person at your home or a next-door neighbor.
  • Use a package locker - Consider using a package locker.To take advantage of this option, a customer must pick a locker location as a delivery address during the checkout process. Another alternative is buying a package locker and setting it up at your home.
  • Consider-in store pick up - If you are worried about a delivered package being taken from your home, consider placing an order online and picking it up at the retailer’s store rather than shipping it to your home.
  • Have security measures in place - One of the most widely suggested anti-theft moves is the installation of doorbell video cameras and other security equipment. Consider additional cameras or recording devices on exterior angles of the property to not only capture the immediate area, but also secondary points of entry to the property such as the roadway or a neighboring fence.

A Package Receiving and Package Acceptance Service to your rescue

Porch Pirates leave no stone unturned to lay their hands on your precious parcels even with all of the above safety measures in place. This crime of opportunity happens within the blink of an eye, sometimes even before you realize it. The only practically feasible option is a package receiving and package acceptance service.

A package receiving and package acceptance service can prove to be extremely beneficial for you to get your packages delivered without using your home address. Therefore it is highly recommended that you rely on a package receiving and package acceptance service as a rescue mechanism and avoid falling prey to porch pirates.

Stowfly Package Receiving and Package Acceptance Service to combat Porch Piracy

Stowfly is a comprehensive network of package receiving and package acceptance services located closer to you. This community of local stores could be anywhere from your neighborhood coffee shop, convenience store, restaurant and so on. These locations act as your secondary address and promptly receive your packages.

You can have your parcels shipped to Stowfly by Amazon, UPS, Fedex, USPS, or any other carrier service. All you have to do is have your packages shipped to one of our locations that you prefer so that we receive the same on your behalf. You can pick up the package at your convenient time.

With Stowfly doing the needful, Porch Piracy will no longer cause you package related anxiety. With only $4 for one time delivery, you can save yourself from the distress of having to deal with losing packages worth ten-fold or more.

Go ahead and utilize Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance service in order to steer clear from getting entangled in the porch piracy web.

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