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A strategic approach to tackle the ongoing vicious cycle of Stolen Packages

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Stolen packages are a staple of the e-commerce age and are more common in some states than others. The ongoing saga of stolen packages continues to create havoc in the majority of the country, sadly with no permanent solution.

The realization that you may not be the only person eager for packages to arrive at your house is startling. With porch pirates/bandits on the pry, keeping a close watch on the whereabouts of your parcels, it is not surprising that they are swept off your porch sometimes within seconds after they get delivered.

The latest one being reported on mentions “ A home security camera having captured video of a man stealing two packages at the front door. The crime happened on January 5 in the 1100 block of East Meadowlark Street just before 4:30 p.m.” Unfortunately, this broad daylight robbery brings out the hard-hitting fact that porch pirates show no signs of backing off despite consumers being extra cautious.

With mushrooming instances of package theft, Amazon missed deliveries, USPS missed packages, FedEx stolen packages, UPS lost packages on the rise, there is a desperate need to try and curb them at the earliest. A package acceptance service is a viable option that can act as a harbinger to facilitate the smooth transition of packages during the last-mile delivery chain.

What is the current status with regard to Stolen Packages? states the fact that the average value of a stolen package is $112.30. With no stringent punishments in place for this crime of opportunity, porch bandits take the act for granted, knowing that they can get away with it without having to undergo stringent penalties. Unfortunately, efforts to up the penalty for package theft are controversial. Most of the time people aren't as interested in arrest, they are more interested in just getting their stolen stuff back. reports “Package theft is now a felony in 8 states and counting as lawmakers crack down on 'porch piracy' “. This very recent development reinstates a ray of hope that porch pirates may now wimp out and think twice before indulging in this crime.

There is still a long way to go for the remaining states to take appropriate measures to implement a felony for package-related thefts. It also remains to be seen how this adequate action by lawmakers of eight US states has resulted in elevating package theft from a misdemeanor to a felony and how it can help in combating package theft as an issue at large.

A package receiving and package acceptance service is one dependable facility that can act as an overpass and effortlessly bridge the gap between the delivery agent and the recipient. Stowfly is one such vast network of package receiving services that is available at convenient locations closer to you and at your disposal.

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You will get a unique PIN code that you will need for pick up at the location, which needs to be provided to the location in question for you to be able to collect your parcels. Along with this, all our bookings are insured up to $1000 to give you that extra peace of mind.

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