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Package Receiving and Package Acceptance in NYC

Stowfly is a network of trusted shops and stores that allows you to receive your online deliveries at their locations and pick them up at your own convenience.

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Package Theft

Package theft

Have your packages been stolen from outside your door?

Missed Package

Missed package

Are you frequently missing deliveries when you’re not home?

Know about Package Receiving Services and Package Acceptance in NYC

Package receiving and package acceptance in NYC can be very useful to you. Let us understand why there is a need for them in NYC.

Do you often experience missed deliveries and missed packages in NYC?

Missed deliveries and missed packages are problems faced by online shoppers. It usually happens when you are not available at the delivery address to receive your package. A story on Google described the experience as, “I was so waiting for my order to reach me. I was inside the kitchen and my tap was running. I could not hear the doorbell. While I was outside thinking if my package would arrive, I noticed the sticker on my door - “Sorry, we missed you” from USPS.

It may also happen that you are unable to be present on the next day or a few more times for a redelivery and your package may end up at the nearest shipment point or the post office as in the case of USPS. If this happens, you will have an additional task to complete by driving to the nearest shipment point or post office to collect your package.

The entire process can become stressful and time-consuming. Therefore it is always better to avoid missed deliveries and missed packages. NYC package lockers, package storage, package receiving in NYC, and package acceptance services in NYC can help deal with missed deliveries and missing packages in NYC.

What is the situation with stolen packages in NYC?

Did you place an online order from Amazon and are excitedly waiting for it to be delivered? The day your delivery arrives, you get a message saying that your package has been delivered! You excitedly hurry home but before you get there ‘porch pirates’ have struck, leaving you in disappointment, anger, and frustration to deal with your Amazon stolen package.

There are hundreds of complaints every day related to package theft and packages stolen. Package theft in NYC is a major problem around the country and it is only getting worse as more people prefer to shop online. You will easily come across hundreds of complaints relating to ‘USPS missing packages’, ‘packages not delivered USPS’, ‘Amazon packages stolen’, or ‘FedEx lost packages.’

Solutions that can tackle stolen packages effectively, like, Package locker service in NYC, package storage, package receiving in NYC, and package acceptance services in NYC offer relief to the problem of packages stolen in NYC

What is the process to handle Stolen Packages from different Package Delivery Companies?

Every delivery company like Amazon, USPS, FedEx, and UPS has processes to deal with stolen, lost, or missing packages in NYC. Here is how their process works:

Amazon Stolen Packages and Amazon Missing Packages in NYC

Cases of Amazon packages stolen or Amazon missing packages are not unusual. An annoyed Reddit user posted about his experience of having numerous Amazon stolen packages in NYC from his walk-up and wants a solution for the same.

Amazon missing packages in NYC can be checked for more information on how to deal with Amazon package theft or Amazon missed delivery.

USPS Missing Packages in NYC

According to “Mail theft is exploding in New York City and across the nation.” According to the U.S. Postal Service, there have been more than 25,000 mail theft incidents in the first half of fiscal year 2023. Missing USPS mail and package not delivered USPS in NYC is also a serious concern as losing cheques, bank statements and medical documentation is challenging in itself. 

Find out how you can effectively handle the situation of  USPS missing packages in NYC.

UPS Lost Packages in NYC

A Reddit user posted his experience with a UPS service gone wrong. He had bought himself a Macbook Air and it was delivered to the wrong address by UPS. After many email exchanges and phone calls, he finally got a replacement. But UPS delivered and left his replaced MacBook Air on his porch! He was simply lucky the second time as no one stole his package from his porch. UPS stolen packages in NYC can leave consumers in frustration and despair.

Take a look at  UPS lost packages in NYC to handle situations like these better.

FedEx Lost Packages in NYC

Even with all systems in place, package delivery problems like lost packages in NYC and FedEx stolen packages in NYC can still occur and can be irksome for consumers. 

If you are unsure about what to do then FedEx lost packages in NYC can be helpful in tackling the same.

How do Package Storage and Package Receiving Services help in tackling Package Theft and Missed Deliveries in NYC?

The best way to tackle the trouble of package stolen and missed packages is by subscribing to package storage NYC and package receiving NYC or package acceptance service NYC.  These services can be comparable to Amazon package receiving services in NYC and USPS package receiving services in NYC, with the former having an upper hand due to the presence of verified location partners to make sure that the safety of your packages are taken very seriously while and after receiving them.

Stowfly is a network of trusted shops and stores near you. You can simply call a Stowfly location as your alternative address for receiving and storing packages. It is the right package storage system that you were looking for. Stowfly facilities are safe, secure, and conveniently located across NYC. You can book a Stowfly location near your home or office and forget about package theft in NYC and missed deliveries.

What is the difference between a Package Locker and Package Receiving and Package Acceptance in NYC?

Package lockers in NYC are essentially physical lockers with a key. They are sometimes installed in apartment buildings, institutions, and offices to ensure the smooth facilitation of package management. Package lockers in NYC work in two ways. 

One is with a physical lock and key system. The second one is an automated system. The latter system works by a secret PIN code. Anyone who needs to operate a package locker should get a secret PIN code. An example of an automated package locker system is Amazon lockers. 

On the other hand, package storage and package receiving or package acceptance service is a safe facility to receive your packages. It can be a shop or store where your packages are safely received and taken care of till you pick them up at your convenience. A package storage NYC facility like Stowfly is meant for receiving and storing your packages until you have received them and works like UPS package receiving service and FedEx package receiving service.

How does Stowfly’s Package Receiving and Package Acceptance work in NYC?

If you are a frequent online shopper, Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance NYC services is a safe way to protect your packages from theft. Choosing Stowfly will avoid missed deliveries as well. When you need a safe place to receive your package and store it for you, you can simply book a Stowfly location

You can go ahead with the booking once you choose a location that fits your needs by logging into You can see the location address of Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance NYC once our booking gets confirmed. This address can be used to deliver your packages.

What are the benefits of using Stowfly package receiving and storage service NYC?

Choose Stowfly package storage NYC and package receiving service NYC to help tackle the problems of missed deliveries, missed packages, and packages stolen. The benefits of Stowfly are listed below - 

Convenient Locations with Easy Bookings

Stowfly has several locations for you to choose from. Find and choose the one that is most convenient to you instantly by logging into If none of the locations listed work for you, you can choose to join our waitlist and we will notify you as soon as we have better options.

Affordable Pricing and Insurance Coverage

Shipping your packages to a Stowfly location costs just $4 per package. Subscription starts at $7.50 for 5 packages and $15 for unlimited packages per month. We also provide an insurance cover of $1000 for every booking to give you that extra peace of mind.

Safety and Security

Every Stowfly location is verified by our team to ensure they are safe. Once we receive your packages at a Stowfly location a unique pick-up PIN will be sent to you. You can pick up your package only after your pick-up PIN is shared at the Stowfly location.

Where can you find Stowfly Package Storage for Package Receiving and Package Acceptance in NYC?

Stowfly has many locations for package receiving and package acceptance in NYC

You can choose Stowfly locations for hassle-free delivery of your packages as it is a safe option to manage your online packages without falling victim to missing package USPS, Amazon missing packages, FedEx lost packages, or UPS lost packages. Below are some of the neighborhoods where you can find them -

Package receiving services near World Trade Center

Package receiving services NYC are available 0.21 miles away near the World Trade Center for easy parcel pick-ups while visiting the 9/11 Memorial Museum. This store is open from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 8 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm.

Package acceptance services near NYC

The closest package storage near you is 0.61 miles away near Monroe Street. This store remains open to receive your packages from Monday to Friday between 11 am - 7 pm and on Saturday from 3 pm - 6 pm.

A few other locations for package receiving services in NYC near you are closer to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Greenpoint, Alphabet City, and Fort Green Park among a host of others.

When you use package storage NYC and package receiving or acceptance services, you do not have to deal with the losses due to package theft and missed deliveries anymore.

This blog can help provide more details about reliable package receiving and package acceptance services in NYC


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