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What You Need To Know About Receiving Packages Without Giving An Address

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Did you know that you could actually receive packages without giving your address? Yes, you heard that right! You can choose not to give your address when ordering a package online. Sounds too good to be true? You can take the help of package receiving services NYC. These services are really convenient and relieve you from giving your own address to the shipping company.

How does a package receiving service help you?

We all know that shopping online is the norm now. All around the world online shopping is as popular as physical shopping. Browsing the products from home or office, knowing the reviews, and getting them delivered to the comfort of your home saves a lot of time. Shipping companies like FedEx, USPS and UPS are good at delivering your packages on time.

The other reality of online shopping is the increase in the cases of package theft, packages stolen, and missed deliveries. When you experience something like missing packages for your most awaited order, you will be more than disappointed. Tracking and tracing your missed package or stolen packages will be another cumbersome task.

When you have a package receiving service available near you, you will never have to face the trouble of missed packages, package theft, or missed deliveries. Whether you are at home or not, you can always go for a parcel receiving service near you.

While package theft and missed deliveries are a cause of concern, you may also have other reasons to choose a package receiving service. It can be as simple as being not comfortable giving your address to the shipping company. You may also have planned for a surprise delivery to the person living with you at home. During any of these situations, you may not want the package delivery to happen at your doorstep. This is also exactly when you book a parcel receiving service near you.

How can you book a package receiving service near you?

Booking a package receiving service like FedEx parcel receiving or USPS package receiving service is easy. Stowfly is a network of shops and stores that are widely available in NYC. You can simply go to the website and start by typing the name of your location. Once you do that, you get a number of Stowfly facilities near you.

You can choose your preferred location and book a package receiving service near you. The shops and stores can be your nearest supermarket, grocery store, or coffee shop as well. When you choose Stowfly for receiving your package, you get added advantages like safety, security, and convenience.

To give you additional information about Stowfly, it acts like your alternate address for receiving online orders. Since Stowfly facilities are located very close to your actual address, you can easily pick up your packages on the way. The prices for package receiving and package storage are really affordable. All you have to pay is $4 per package and $15 for a month for unlimited packages.

What are the other options to receiving your package without giving your address?

Package Lockers

One of the other options to receive your packages without giving your address is package lockers. Many of the apartments and condominiums have package lockers installed in their complexes. There are also other package locker companies that operate for a fee. You can get your packages delivered here. Once the packages are delivered into the lockers, you get a notification. You can choose a time within the service hours of the package lockers to pick your packages.

Ask a neighbor for help

If you think you are unavailable to receive your packages when they are delivered, you can seek help from a neighbor. You can avoid package theft or missed deliveries when you know for sure your neighbor is picking up your order. You can also avoid giving your address to the shipping company when you are unlikely to be present at home.

Deliver the package to your workplace

Your office can work as the best alternative to receiving a package without sharing your home address. You are most likely to be available at your office and your parcel safely reaches you.

Get a PO Box

PO Box is another popular choice that works best if you do not want to share your address. PO boxes are meant for receiving both mail and parcels. Your packages are safe here and you can pick them up during the service hours of the post office station.

Giving your address to get an online order is not mandatory. With package receiving services, package lockers, and PO Box, you have different options to choose from. You can decide what works best for you and choose the various services accordingly.