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The Essential Guide: All about package lockers

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Package lockers are available in many places. It is a common thing to notice them in apartment buildings, condominiums, and other residential buildings. They can also be seen in colleges, schools, and office buildings. The reason for the popularity of package locker services goes directly to the package management system.

Package lockers have played a vital role for property managers in residential buildings, institutions, and offices. Property managers in apartment complexes would spend around 4 hours sorting packages and getting them delivered to the respective houses. With the package lockers installed within the buildings, the time for sorting packages has reduced tremendously

The various advantages of package lockers

No package theft

Given the popularity of online shopping, many packages come to the doorsteps. Porch pirates are always on a vigil to see if no one is home to collect the packages. If they notice such things, there are high chances that your packages can be stolen by them. It gets frustrating to come back to see missing packages. Package theft leads to additional time consumption for tracing and figuring out the whereabouts of your package. Package lockers help a great deal in saving stolen packages.

No missed deliveries

Missed deliveries are another concern when you are managing your packages. There can be times when you want to receive the packages yourself. Especially when you have high-value items, you may be required to be present to receive them. If you miss the delivery, your package goes back to the shipping company. You may need to follow up with them or reschedule the delivery to receive your package. When you have a package locker installed, it is always safe to even receive a high-value order.

Secure Delivery

When there are package lockers available in a building, it adds to the secure delivery process. Depending upon the type of package lockers, the delivery person gets access to the lockers via a key or PIN code. Usually, most of the package lockers are automated and the delivery person receives a PIN code for locker access. With the PIN he or she can open the locker and safely deliver the package. Soon after the package is delivered, the recipient is also notified with another access PIN code for receiving the package.

Increases work efficiency of property managers

As mentioned earlier, property managers spent a lot of time in a day sorting online packages. Package locker service reduces much of the time required to monitor the packages. All the property managers need to do is direct the delivery person towards the locker. There is no need to sort the packages and call the recipient to collect the order. Property managers can now get involved in other tasks and worry less about handling online orders.

No-Contact Delivery

No-contact delivery has become the norm after the Covid-19 pandemic. With package lockers available near you, this is a big-time reality. You will not have to worry about checking if the delivery person is wearing a mask or not. You can pick up your packages any time you want without having to know who has delivered them.

Versatile Benefits

Package lockers near you can be utilized for various reasons apart from package delivery. If you have ordered food while you were on the way from work, you can ask the food delivery person to leave your order inside the locker. This works well when you are almost on the way back. (Leaving the perishables inside the lockers for long time may not be a great idea).

Another way how a package locker can be used is to safely leave important things. This can be like house keys, books, or other documents. Your child or spouse can pick them up later using the one-time PIN code.

Are package lockers available in NYC?

Amazon hub package lockers are gaining popularity in NYC. Being the giant in the e-commerce and cloud storage market, Amazon has ventured into package lockers. It is a kiosk system where the package lockers are installed inside the buildings. It can be a residential apartment building, supermarket, retail store, or any other commercial space.

The access to Amazon Hub lockers is usually 24x7. It works in the most secure way to avoid Amazon stolen packages. The Amazon delivery person receives a one-time code to open the lockers. Thereafter, when the package is delivered and the door is automatically closed. The locker door can only be opened with the PIN code sent to the recipient. You can check Amazon Hub packages lockers near you by entering your area ZIP code.

What is the alternative to package lockers in NYC?

The alternative to lockers is package receiving services NYC. These are just another perfect way to secure your packages. The package receiving services are not just restricted to Amazon, they can be from any other companies like USPS, FedEx, or UPS. If you are looking for safe package receiving and package storage services in NYC, you can check Stowfly.

Stowfly is a network of trusted shops and stores. It is the fastest-growing network that helps you to get away with the troubles of package theft. Stowfly package receiving services are available conveniently near you. It is that supermarket you always visit or the stationery shop where you frequently buy for your kids.

All the Stowfly locations are thoroughly verified. In simple words, Stowfly facilities are like your secondary address for receiving your packages. Once the packages are received, they are kept safe until you come to pick them up. The packages are only handed over after verifying the secret code sent to you. The prices for package receiving and package storage are truly affordable. It is just $4 per package and $15 for unlimited packages in a month.

Package lockers or Package receiving/ storage services?

Package lockers, package receiving/ storage services are both efficient in their own ways. You can choose what system works best for you. If you have a package locker system that is already in place at your apartment, you can continue to use it. If you anytime need an alternate solution to manage your packages, package receiving services like Stowfly can work very well. The final choice is definitely yours!