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How to tackle package theft in NYC?

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Package theft is a real problem in the US. Porch pirates are always on the lookout to steal your packages. With the boom of e-commerce, the majority of us are into online shopping. A simple Google search also reveals that at least one package is delivered per week to a household. During the pandemic, online shopping numbers increased by many folds. With so many online packages coming to the doorsteps, package theft has also become a widespread problem.

The statistics of stolen packages are worrisome. A minimum of 49 million Americans have lost their packages at least once. NYC is one of the highest states for victims of package theft. This kind of news is really disappointing! It means anyone can be a victim of package theft. Getting a “package delivered notification” and coming home to a lost package is not what we want.

What can you do in a package theft scenario?

If you think your packages were stolen, you must immediately try to get support from the shipping company. If you do not act quickly, you may end up not getting a refund for your package. Below is the quick guide for claiming your lost packages from various companies -

1.For Amazon missing packages -

Amazon packages can be of two kinds. One is sold by a third-party seller. The other is sold directly by Amazon. If your package is from a third-party seller, you must first contact them and try to resolve the issue. If you did not get a positive response from the third-party seller, you can then claim an Amazon A-Z Guarantee.

Your Amazon A-Z Guarantee claim may take some time till the verification process is complete. You will receive your refund once the verification was successful. For packages that are directly bought from Amazon, you can get in touch with the customer support team. You can either chat or talk to a representative for support in getting a refund for your lost package.

2.For USPS missing packages -

On their website, USPS suggests taking a few steps to verify before concluding if the package was lost. The simple steps include checking in and around the delivery areas like the porch, garage, mailbox, any area out of potential weather hazards, exterior doors, or any other locations where the packages could be placed.

If you could not find your package within 24 hours after the delivery status, you can reach out to their support. The service request may be sent by email to the local post office for follow-up. You will get a confirmation email and a contact detail within 2-3 days of your email.

3.For UPS lost packages -

If your UPS packages were not to be found 24 hours after delivery, you should contact the package sender. UPS suggests that the package sender should initiate the claim. They hold most of the information about the package like invoice, tracking ID, receipts, etc. As per the UPS website, you can start a claim by following the below steps. The detailed information can be found here.

  • Provide package details
  • Identify your role
  • Enter detailed package information
  • Submit your claim

4.FedEx lost packages -

FedEx has a straightforward procedure to start a claim on their website. You can get to the claim section from the support menu on the FedEx home page. The claim can be done in a few steps as mentioned below. You can find the detailed information for claiming here.

  • Complete the online claim form
  • Add the supporting documents before or after filing the claim
  • Submit your online claim form
  • Schedule an inspection or do it on your own
  • Track the status of your claim

How can you prevent package theft altogether?

Although there are processes to make a claim for packages stolen or missing packages, you may still end up getting no refund. Moreover, the entire claim process is time-consuming and you may not have the time to follow up. Below we bring you a few ways to prevent package theft-

1.Opt for a package storage service in NYC

Package storage or package receiving services work really well in NYC. Stowfly offers one such service near you. Stowfly is a network of trusted shops and stores which act as your secondary address. While booking an order, you can simply book a Stowfly location as your delivery address.

When your package arrives, the personnel at the Stowfly location safely receives and stores it. The package is kept till you pick it up. Stowfly package receiving services are widely available in NYC and you can choose a convenient location near you. The prices are also truly affordable with just $4 per package. If you have more packages coming, you pay $15 for unlimited packages in a month. Choosing Stowfly can totally avoid package theft. You will never have to worry about losing important packages to the porch pirates.

2.Request a trusted someone to receive packages

If you are worried about becoming a victim of package theft, you can turn to trusted ones for help. You can request a friend or a neighbor to be on the lookout to receive your package. If they are not available, you can request the security guard or the property manager to receive the package on your behalf.

3.Use a package locker

Package lockers are another way to secure your packages. Some of the apartment buildings do have package lockers to facilitate easy package management. Since most of the packages are automated, there are high levels of security. The delivery person can only access the locker with a one-time code. Once the package is delivered into the locker, you get a notification with another code to receive your package.

4.Install a doorbell camera

Installing a camera on your front door enhances security in many ways. If at all you find yourself in a situation of package theft, the footage from the camera can help you. Police often do not get into a thorough investigation for stolen packages. Having evidence in the form of camera footage can totally help in getting hold of the package thieves easily.


The rising numbers of packages stolen are an indication that you could become the next victim. Online shopping and home delivery of packages are meant to ease your life. Package theft can add stress and tension especially when the package is valuable. Taking precautions and preventive measures can totally avoid package theft in NYC.