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Here is an idea that helps to prevent package theft in NYC

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The recent statistics of how many package thefts are reported in NYC is astonishing. About 90,000 packages get stolen alone in NYC. This is not good news at all. Online shopping has given us all an opportunity to save a lot of time. Ordering what we needed and getting it delivered at home is normal. As much as you think, it is normal, the cases of package stolen or theft are increasingly becoming common.

If you did not know, many people complain of missing packages USPS, UPS, FedEx and Amazon. Although these companies take utmost care to avoid any kind of package theft, the cases still exist in NYC. Packages stolen can be very frustrating especially when you were expecting an important delivery. It is definitely worrisome when you see the delivery status on your phone as delivered and the package is not to be found.

You may have read online that many students or youngsters have faced FedEx lost packages. Many parents send care packages to their sons or daughters in NYC. It may get disturbing when those loved packages do not reach the right person. There are procedures to get help from the delivery companies to trace the packages. All the companies have a system to track and offer support to their customers. Amazon packages stolen or missing packages USPS can be retrieved with their customer service. However, you must be ready to wait patiently.

Another trouble of missed deliveries

Along with package theft, comes the trouble of missed deliveries. What are missed deliveries? Your package comes to your doorstep when you are away. You may have forgotten about your scheduled delivery or may have had to go away for urgent work. This is when your packages arrive but are taken back, updating the status as “door locked”.

When this happens, you may have to wait for another day or a few more days to get your packages. Sometimes, you may have to continuously follow up with the delivery company to get your package delivered when you are available. This again involves a lot of time and you may end up receiving your packages later than expected.

Ideas to deal with package theft and missed deliveries

We will list a few ideas to help you to deal with package theft and missed deliveries.

1. Install a security camera

If you are troubled a lot with package theft, it is a good idea to have a security camera installed. With a camera overlooking your front door, you can get a clue of who is stealing your packages. This will also come in handy when you lodge a police complaint about losing your online packages.

2. Inform a neighbor or a friend

As soon as you get a notification from Amazon or USPS regarding your order being delivered, inform a friend or a neighbor. They can probably help you by looking around to see if your packages are delivered properly. They can as well safely pick up your order and keep it with them.

3. Inform the delivery company

Whether you have dealt with a package theft or missed delivery, it is important to inform the delivery company immediately. All the companies like Amazon, USPS, FedEx, or UPS have a system to reimburse for your loss. Some companies may send you a refund and some can replace the order items. In case of frequently missed deliveries, you can plan to schedule a delivery, so that you do not have to deal with “door lock” status.

4. Book a package storage service from Stowfly

Package storage services from Stowfly act as package lockers for your deliveries. This is the best idea to deal with all packages stolen and missed deliveries. Package storage services can literally solve all the problems like missing packages, package stolen, theft package, lost packages, and more.

It is indeed very easy to book a Stowfly package storage service NYC. Just go to the Stowfly website and look for the available locations near you. Stowfly has a network of trusted shops and stores. This is where you can send your online deliveries. All your items will be kept safe until you come to pick them up later.

Stowfly package receiving is highly safe and affordable for managing your packages. You can pay just $4 per package and pick them up without any worry of losing them.

Online shopping is a boon in recent times. However, when it is accompanied by package theft and stolen packages, the boon seems like a bane. Package storage services like Stowfly offers the right solution to solve the problem of package theft and missed deliveries.