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Package Receiving and Package Acceptance in Brooklyn

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Package Theft

Package theft

Have your packages been stolen from outside your door?

Missed Package

Missed package

Are you frequently missing deliveries when you’re not home?

Why is Package Receiving and Package Acceptance essential in Brooklyn, NY?

Package receiving and package acceptance in Brooklyn become imperative due to increasing instances of stolen packages in Brooklyn. A Reddit user who lives in a busy area in Brooklyn has had over almost $2500 of packages stolen in the past 3 years. He was seen asking for a solution after losing $600 worth computer to package theft in Brooklyn again.

Package Thefts in Brooklyn, NY

An e-bike-riding burglar stole several packages from two apartment buildings in Brooklyn, police said according to an article published in Yet another incident involving a pair of teens being arrested for package theft in Brooklyn Park as reported on points out the need for solid package protection measures to further avoid Amazon packages stolen in Brooklyn.

How often do Missed Deliveries in Brooklyn, NY occur?

An estimated 90,000 packages disappear daily in NYC and the cases of missing packages in Brooklyn are not far behind. There can be several reasons for Amazon missing packages in Brooklyn and USPS missing packages in Brooklyn, human and shipping errors being a few.

Missed deliveries in Brooklyn and missed packages in Brooklyn impact customer satisfaction and damage the seller’s reputation. Customers have to go through the cumbersome process of scheduling a redelivery or filing a claim to find out the whereabouts of their packages.

Efforts by Package Delivery companies to deal with Missing Packages and Stolen Packages in Brooklyn, NY

Amazon, USPS, FedEx, and UPS are the most popular delivery companies across the US. Here’s how they are dealing with missing packages in Brooklyn and FedEx stolen packages in Brooklyn.

Amazon Stolen Packages in Brooklyn

A security camera at a home in Brooklyn captured video of an Amazon delivery truck driver stealing packages from the front porch as reported on FOX 5 New York. Police say a thief has been targeting Amazon delivery trucks and stealing packages according to

The recurrence of Amazon packages stolen in Brooklyn and Amazon missing packages in Brooklyn have been causing anxiety and distress for package receivers. The first step in such cases is to speak with customer service for a tracking update.

More information on dealing with Amazon missing packages here

USPS Missing Packages in Brooklyn

An anxious Reddit user was seen enquiring about details of his USPS lost package in Brooklyn by sharing his tracking details. The easiest way to get help with a USPS missing package in Brooklyn is to contact USPS customer service directly. 

Click here to know more about USPS missing packages 

UPS Lost Packages in Brooklyn

Filing a claim with UPS for any UPS lost packages in Brooklyn can lead to an investigation of the same to see how things can be set right. In the case of UPS stolen packages in Brooklyn situation, generally, UPS will not reimburse a consumer if the package was delivered and then stolen. 

Check the link to know in detail about UPS lost packages 

FedEx Lost Packages in Brooklyn

Filing for a claim in case of FedEx lost packages in Brooklyn situation or FedEx missing packages in Brooklyn is done by visiting the FedEx tracking page and selecting the Report Missing Package option.

This link can be referred to for additional information on FedEx lost packages 

The purpose of Package Lockers and Delivered Parcel lockers in in Brooklyn, NY

Package lockers in Brooklyn increase the security of package deliveries. By facilitating an easy way to manage online deliveries, delivered parcel lockers in Brooklyn help to store your parcels safely for you to collect.

The benefits of parcel lockers in Brooklyn, specifically in apartments and high-rise buildings, is that it offers an efficient solution by providing secure access to both the delivery agent for drop-offs and recipients for pickups. 

What are Package Receiving and Package Acceptance Services by Stowfly, and how do they work in Brooklyn, NY?

Package receiving services in Brooklyn consist of a trusted network of shops and stores where customers can have their online orders delivered and pick them up at their convenience. Package receiving and package acceptance in Brooklyn involves verified locations with location partners who receive parcels on your behalf as a secondary address facility.

Unlike package lockers in Brooklyn, which can be expensive and may be restrictive for large packages, package receiving in Brooklyn is affordable, starting at  $4 per package and accommodates packages with dimensions up to 2 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft and is a simple solution to prevent UPS stolen packages in Brooklyn and FedEx stolen packages in Brooklyn.

Click here for more information on NYC package receiving and package acceptance services.

Benefits of using Stowfly Package Receiving and Package Acceptance in Brooklyn, NY

Here is why Stowfly is a dependable choice to avoid USPS missing packages in Brooklyn:

Convenient Locations with Easy Bookings

Stowfly has several locations for you to choose from. Find and choose the one that is most convenient to you instantly by logging into If none of the locations listed work for you, you can choose to join our waitlist and we will notify you as soon as we have better options.

Affordable Pricing and Insurance Coverage

Shipping your packages to a Stowfly location costs just $4 per package. Subscription starts at $7.50 for 5 packages and $15 for unlimited packages per month. We also provide an insurance cover of $1000 for every booking to give you that extra peace of mind.

Safety and Security

Every Stowfly location is verified by our team to ensure they are safe. Once we receive your packages at a Stowfly location a unique pick-up PIN will be sent to you. You can pick up your package only after your pick-up PIN is shared at the Stowfly location.

Package Storage locations by Stowfly for Package Acceptance and Package Receiving in Brooklyn, NY

Stowfly has ample locations for package receiving in Brooklyn that are spread across various neighborhoods. You can find and book a location that works best for you in terms of hours of operation and distance closer to your home or office. 

  • The closest Brooklyn package receiving service is near Prospect Park and is 0.01 miles away. This store is open from Monday - Sunday between 8 am to 9 pm.

  • Another package acceptance Brooklyn location is available near Kingston- Throop Ave and is 0.19 miles away with the store remaining operational from Monday - Friday between 9 am - 6 pm and Saturday between 9 am - 5 pm.

Additional details about Brooklyn package receiving and package acceptance services here.


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