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Tackling Package Delivery issues in Denver with Package Receiving and Package Acceptance

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The 2022 safewise report emphasizes package theft concerns over general theft reports. Their data also shows no signs of online shopping slowing down, so it’s no surprise that package theft numbers keep climbing.

A Denver lawmaker who said he is a repeat victim of porch piracy has proposed a new tax credit to help people pay for lockboxes and other anti-theft items according to an article published in

A recent survey found that a staggering 210 million packages vanished from porches across the US over the past 12 months. Unfortunately, package theft has emerged as one of the most common types of crime in the United States.

Curbing package theft at the end of the last mile

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and Americans’ newfound affinity for online shopping, the country has reached record numbers of orders on the great wide web. That also means quite a few packages dropped off in front of people’s houses. And when unsecured boxes with valuables in them are left alone on stoops and doorsteps, they’re likely to get stolen, thanks to porch pirates.

Porch pirates are individuals who steal packages from a porch or other area near the main entrance of a residence before the recipient can retrieve it. An article from says -” Thieves were caught on surveillance camera as they broke into mailboxes at a Denver condominium complex.”

Package thefts are so frustrating for the consumer because of the fact that they can’t hold anyone responsible for the mishap of not being able to get their hands on their much-awaited purchases except themselves and the “pirates” who scooted away with their package.

Here is what shoppers can do to prevent package theft by porch pirates:

  • Route packages to office address: Home deliveries are fraught with problems. These can be avoided by routing packages to office addresses where they are processed officially. The probability of losing packages to package thieves is much less with office deliveries.
  • Place packages on hold when on holiday: If you are away on holiday, you can opt to place your pending packages on hold. While USPS and FedEx offer a free service to hold packages for a certain period, UPS charges for every rescheduling.
  • Opt for in-store pickup: Click-and-collect is increasingly becoming a trend. Using this mode of delivery, you can order online and collect the ordered parcel from an outlet instead of having it delivered to your home.

While the threat of package theft continues to increase year on year, some measures can be taken by customers to ensure package safety and a smooth last-mile experience. Retailers, shipping carriers, and end customers need to work hand in hand to stay ahead of porch pirates.

Impacts of missed deliveries on consumers in Denver

Missing deliveries is very common. A missed delivery happens in case the customer is absent or the address is incomplete or wrong. However, with online purchases rising at a jet speed, the number of missed packages also reaches a new height every day.

Contrary to the common perception, a missed package is not always the seller or delivery service provider’s fault but can also result from a mistake on the customer’s end or because of circumstances beyond the control of the delivery person. Along with this, if there is a bad storm or a road accident en route, it can be impossible for the driver to reach the destination on time, thus resulting in a missed delivery attempt.

Identifying the cause behind missed deliveries and missed packages and taking the necessary steps to bridge the gap is crucial to ensure that none of your online deliveries are affected by the same.

Can package lockers simplify package delivery problems in Denver?

Package lockers are self-service kiosks that offer a secure and convenient alternative to home delivery. They are usually operated with lock and key mechanisms.

Parcel Lockers have grown in popularity over the last few years and are becoming a necessity as more and more consumers purchase items online. Packages are delivered to a secure locker that alerts customers when their package has been delivered.

Parcel package lockers include convenient 24/7 package delivery pick-up and drop-off with no keys required, making them a great solution for apartment buildings, condos, and businesses.

Smart lockers are the modern solution to manage package, asset delivery, and storage demands and also offer convenient, contactless package delivery and pickup, keeping both staff and recipients safe. Recipients receive automated alerts of incoming packages and assets and can retrieve them at their convenience.

However, there is an increasing body of evidence that indicates that delivered parcel lockers are not as sustainable as claimed. They are not suitable for sending very large or awkwardly shaped parcels – so they cannot fully replace traditional courier services.

Other downsides include the risk of the lockers being broken into or malfunctioning lockers which prevent you from accessing your parcels.

To state that package storage lockers are sustainable and that they can replace last-mile delivery or offer a significant solution to package delivery issues is an oversimplification.

Opting for services like package receiving and package acceptance are better alternatives to ensure you are free from any hassles related to stolen packages and missed deliveries.

Stowfly package receiving for effective package management in Denver

Stowfly is a package receiving and package storage service provider. A vast network of trusted shops and stores near you like a neighborhood coffee shop or restaurant are engaged with the task of package acceptance on your behalf. These locations are your secondary address. Your packages directly go there and are safely taken care of until you pick them up at your convenience.

You can be sure that your packages are in safe hands once they are received at a Stowfly location. Our location partners are instructed not to hand over your packages to anyone else unless they are shown the unique pick-up PIN that is generated only for you.

If you are someone who has constantly been dealing with issues related to Amazon missing packagesFedex lost packagesUSPS Stolen packages, and UPS missed deliveries, then it's high time you avail package receiving and package acceptance services by Stowfly and save yourself from the hassles related to follow-ups for claims and refunds.

Rentals start at $4 for one-time delivery and $7.50 for subscription, which is extremely affordable when keeping in mind the safety of your precious packages. A $ 1,000 insurance policy per package is also offered.

The booking process is extremely simple, you only have to find a location that works best for you in terms of hours of operation and the distance that is closer to you from your home or office and begin receiving your packages there.

You can find additional details regarding package receiving and package acceptance in Denver here.