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Managing online packages effectively with Stowfly Package Receiving and Package Acceptance Services

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Online shopping has surely changed the way of shopping in terms of convenience. With more people relying on online shopping websites, third party carriers like Amazon, UPS, FedEx and USPS are on their toes trying to fulfill shipping demands, mainly successful last-mile delivery.

Consumers also are now faced with increasing issues with e-commerce purchasing leading to constant dilemmas associated with Amazon missing packages, FedEx stolen packages, UPS missed deliveries & USPS lost packages which are equally on the rise.

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What are the pertinent package delivery problems faced by recipients?

Companies including UPS and Amazon continue to be challenged by package theft.The act of stealing online deliveries i.e theft of a package or parcel anywhere in the distribution channel can be attributed as package theft. The term porch pirate is used to refer to sneak thieves who steal packages left outside doors by couriers. reports - “WEST WHITELAND, PA Police are investigating a report of the theft of three packages from an apartment building on Waterloo Boulevard, West Whiteland Township.”

“AI is policing the package theft beat for UPS as ‘porch piracy’ surge continues across U.S.” reads the headline of an article posted on Elaborating further the article goes on to mention, Hundreds of millions of packages are stolen every year adding up to big sums for companies from Amazon to United Parcel Service.UPS’s latest effort to prevent ‘porch piracy’ is using artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms that assign delivery addresses a confidence score based on address-specific data.

On the other hand, missed deliveries mainly happen due to the absence of the recipient when the delivery agent has attempted to deliver a package.

Occasionally missed deliveries and missed packages are a reality when products don't arrive on the day they were scheduled to arrive. Missed packages refers to a shipment that is not delivered to the customer at the right time or within a stipulated period.

A lot of factors contribute to missed deliveries and missed packages like an untracked address or unanticipated circumstances and sometimes even package theft.

Unfortunately, your home delivery is a prime target for stolen packages. The best way to deal with porch piracy and missed deliveries is through preventative and security measures.

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What are some possible solutions to combat package theft and missed deliveries?

One of the ultimate package delivery solutions are package lockers as they offer a secure and convenient way to receive packages and protect your deliveries from package theft.One of the main advantages of parcel lockers is that once the delivery agent drops packages into package storage lockers, they remain securely stored until retrieved by the recipient.

Delivered parcel lockers are lockable storage boxes where packages can be left and stored for collection by a mail carrier or delivery company and can be operated using a key. A new age variation, namely smart locker, uses technology that automates transaction logging. Here a secure storage and distribution system with integrated computers and sensor networks that allow consumers to automate package selection, notification, and delivery.

Parcel lockers accept packages no larger than a certain size and are not suitable for packages that are larger than the standard dimension. In any parcel locker system, several components require a continuous supply of electricity to function correctly. This requirement that needs to ensure a continuous and reliable supply of power for the locker to operate is not something that is practical in a power outage scenario where recipients may have difficulties in accessing their packages.

Making use of package receiving and package acceptance services on the other hand can ensure the safe delivery of your packages at secure locations from where you can always pick them up at your convenience. Stowfly, consisting of a trusted network of shops and stores offers such services where package receiving locations that can be anywhere from your neighborhood coffee shop or convenience store is involved with the task of package acceptance on your behalf.

Once you book a preferred Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance location that works best for you in terms of hours of operation and the distance that is closer to you from your home or office, you can easily begin receiving your packages there.

Rentals start at $4 for one-time delivery and $7.50 for subscription, which is extremely affordable and a $ 1,000 insurance policy per package is also offered. A unique pick up PIN is generated for you once your packages are received at a Stowfly package acceptance location and no one can collect your packages unless the unique pick up PIN is shown to our location partner.

With an array of advantages and benefits of utilizing package receiving services you can rest assured that your packages will be promptly received and held onto until you wish to retrieve them. Simply book a package acceptance location in order to do away with package delivery problems for good.

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