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Convenience of utilizing Package Receiving and Package Acceptance in Las Vegas

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“Las Vegas police says mail theft on the rise after multiple mailboxes broken into” according to The article further goes on to mention “On Saturday, Northwest valley resident Mike May’s surveillance camera captured two people breaking into this community mailbox just after 3 in the morning. May said the thieves hit at least 4 other cluster mailboxes in the neighborhood.”

Package theft is the stealing of delivered goods by sneak thieves also known as “Porch Pirates”.Package thefts rise during the holiday season, and some thieves will even follow delivery trucks to scoop up packages as soon as they are delivered. If your packages keep getting stolen or lost, it is time to take some preventive measures to deter package theft.

What are the problems associated with package theft and missed deliveries in Las Vegas? reports “A North Las Vegas man said his neighborhood has been hit four times since October of last year by mail thieves. Most recently, the thieves used his information to access his debit and credit cards.”

Startling facts about package thefts are that three out of four package thefts occur when the homeowner is away, but one out of four happen when someone is home. The average value of a stolen package is $140 and police make arrests in less than 10% of reported theft cases.

Package theft is a perfect crime of opportunity due to the following reasons:

  • Packages are left in plain sight: Porch pirates can clearly see when a package is sitting on a porch or doorstep. When they are planning to steal packages, the visibility of the packages makes it easy for them to determine which homes to target.
  • Porches, Doors, and Landings are easy to access: In many homes, both in the suburbs and in urban settings, porches and doors are only a few feet or a few yards from the street to the doorstep. Often, there are no gates, fences, or barriers of any kind. Anything that makes packages harder to access is a deterrent to package thieves.
  • Packages are easy to carry and hide: Porch pirates find it easier to grab a package as it can be put in a backpack, or even under their shirt, it makes them less likely to be caught.
  • The Potential value of stolen packages is worth the risk: Package thieves are gambling on the fact that high-end items are often shipped to people’s homes. They perceive the potential reward is greater than the risk.

From a consumer’s perspective, stolen packages cost money, time, and energy, so it’s worth taking a little time to prevent the packages from being stolen in the first place.

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Deliveries do not always work perfectly. Usually, a missed delivery attempt happens in case the customer is absent or the address is incomplete or wrong. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can lead to delays and missed packages. Sadly, Las Vegas has had its own share of frequent instances of Amazon missing packages and USPS missing packages. It is time to get your act together and find out what can be done to avoid further incidents of missed deliveries and missed packages in the future.

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Are package lockers a possible course of action to avoid package delivery issues in Las Vegas?

One solution to manage packages, asset delivery, and storage demands are package lockers. These are cabinets with lockable compartments that provide a secure and convenient way for couriers to deliver and recipients to receive packages. These work with a lock and key mechanism.

An upgraded version namely smart package storage lockers gives your packages a 360-degree secure package management and protection. Although these delivered parcel lockers require a rather complex infrastructure, they are becoming a norm for retailers in favor of enhanced customer experience and lower costs.

Simplifying deliveries and package handling with flexible parcel lockers that deliver safety, security, and convenience is more efficient and offers numerous benefits. Once the recipient receives a notification with the delivery information, he can go to collect his order.

The major disadvantage of parcel lockers, however, is the size and weight of the packages since they must respect the dimensions of the locker.

A comparatively better solution would be to make use of package receiving and package acceptance services instead and do away with frequent issues pertaining to UPS lost packages and FedEx lost packages for good.

Stowfly, a network of trusted shops and stores offers such package receiving services all over the USA. Let us find out more about package acceptance services by Stowfly below:

How is Stowfly package acceptance favourable for package receiving in Las Vegas?

Stowfly consists of an enormous network of package storage locations dedicated to receiving packages on your behalf acting as your secondary address. These locations can be anywhere from your neighborhood restaurant or convenience store from where you can always pick them up whenever you want.

Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance is the perfect answer for someone who has been frequently dealing with annoying instances of porch piracy and missed or lost packages. Affordable rentals that start from $4 for one-time delivery and $7.50 for subscription ensure the safety of your precious parcels that are worth much more. A $ 1,000 insurance policy per package is also offered as an added benefit.

You can stay assured that your packages are in safe hands once you complete the booking process and your packages are received at a Stowfly location. Our location partners are instructed not to hand over your packages to anyone else unless they are shown the unique pick-up PIN that is generated only for you.

Wait no longer. With Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance clearly having an upper hand over other alternatives of package storage, it is advisable that you make use of it and ger rid of all package delivery related hassles hereafter!

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