A workable idea to resolve final stage Package Delivery problems in San Francisco

A workable idea to resolve final stage Package Delivery problems in San Francisco

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A recent survey from Credit Karma found that 43% of Americans who shop online have lost packages to porch pirates. Also, a growing number of Americans are saying they couldn’t find remedies or reimbursement for stolen packages.

While package thefts are a common issue in metropolitan areas, they have been especially on the rise in San Francisco since the beginning of the pandemic. Package theft is often a crime of opportunity. It frequently happens when homeowners are not home and unable to bring packages into their homes. Porch pirates steal packages off customers' doorstep or porches when it is left unattended.

Recurrent package delivery problems in San Francisco

Imagine a scenario where a product gets stolen right at your doorstep by porch pirates, something that you have longed to collect for years. Package thefts are annoying for the customer because of the fact that they cannot hold anyone responsible, except themselves and the “porch pirates” who disappeared away with their package.

A new SafeWise report has ranked three California cities — San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose — as the worst cities for package theft according to thehill.com. San Francisco moved up from last year’s ranking of number two to share the top spot with its California neighbors Oakland and San Jose.

Other constant last-foot package delivery issues in San Francisco are missed deliveries and missed packages. Missed deliveries happen when you are not at home when your parcel was attempted to be delivered. But unforeseen circumstances can sometimes lead to delays and missed deliveries.

Missed packages also mean that a shipment that was not delivered to the customer at the right time or within a stipulated period, even after a delivery attempt. In the event of missed deliveries and missed packages, if the customer is not present during the scheduled delivery date and time, the delivery agent takes the package back to a storage location, and the customer will have to reschedule the delivery.

Alternative solutions to prevent package theft in San Francisco

Providing delivery instructions is one free way to prevent package theft for those choosing to ship packages to their homes. You can add specific delivery instructions for delivery professionals to follow in the checkout process for online orders.

Major retailers provide secure methods of delivery. Amazon, for example, has Amazon Lockers where you can send all Amazon orders to.

You can try to submit your orders according to your preference to arrive on days when you are home. You can also delay or re-route packages from the following third-party carriers using the following apps:

Posting a sign in a visible location that states that your property is under 24-hour surveillance can also be a deterrent. The visibility of a security camera or a doorbell camera on a doorstep may discourage porch pirates from stealing your packages.

Package lockers are a secure, easy-to-use, cost-effective option for automatically facilitating package deliveries. These are operated using lock and key mechanisms where the lock can only be opened by the corresponding parcel locker key. Couriers, recipients, and everyone in between will find that package lockers are extremely easy to use.

Other variations of package lockers are Smart lockers, parcel lockers, package storage lockers, and delivered parcel lockers — whatever you choose to call them — are secure, easy-to-use options for automatically facilitating package deliveries. Smart parcel lockers need no time-consuming key management, thanks to the intelligent electronic locking and allocation system, with locker access via the app, an electronic key chip, or a PIN number.

Not any one measure can fully prevent package theft, but a combination of several of the above steps can greatly reduce your chance of a sneak thief stealing your packages.

So, why take chances with your valuable packages getting stolen, missed or lost in the first place? Get your act together and opt for package receiving and package acceptance to ensure a secure last-mile delivery experience instead.

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You can stay assured that your packages will not be handed over to anyone else, as a unique pick-up PIN is generated once your packages are received at a Stowfly location and is held onto unless the unique pick-up PIN is shared with our location partner.

Rentals are as minimal as $4 per package for one-time delivery. A $1000 insurance policy per package is also made available to give you that extra peace of mind and a sense of security.

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