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Can Package Acceptance Services help thwart Porch Piracy in Brooklyn?

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Package theft is a widespread issue and a serious concern. Every year, roughly two out of five Americans have at least one package stolen. And as online shopping rates increase, so does package theft.

About 80% of Americans shop online regularly — and experts believe online shopping rates will only increase in the future. The need for a reliable way to keep those parcels safe is a prerequisite.

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Is Brooklyn a soft target for porch pirates?

Package theft or porch piracy — is the act of stealing packages that haven’t yet been picked up by the intended recipient. It most often occurs after delivery by courier personnel, when parcels are left unattended on the porch. Having said that, it can also occur at other stages of the shipping and delivery process. reports that “Serial package thief with giant trash bag ransacks Amazon delivery trucks in Brooklyn”. The article further goes on to elaborate “The NYPD released images Tuesday of the man, who investigators have linked to at least four incidents over 11 days in August and one incident on July 13. In each theft, he targeted a parked truck in the morning or afternoon, quickly entering and making off with multiple packages or other valuables.” mentions - “A former mail carrier from Brooklyn is facing federal charges for allegedly stealing dozens of credit cards in the mail and using them to buy high-end clothes and pricey food over the course of two years.”

You may or may not have had an instance of stolen packages, but it is important to understand the prevalence of this problem.

The impact of missed deliveries and missed packages from a customer’s perspective cannot be ignored either. Missed deliveries mostly happen due to the unavailability of the customer at the given address when the delivery agent makes a delivery attempt. Other reasons for missed packages include misspelled, incomplete or outdated addresses, incorrectly completed order forms, package redirections, customs, and poor weather conditions.

Instances of package theft and missed deliveries have become so rampant in Brooklyn that it requires immediate attention and further course of action to avoid further delivery-related mishaps.

What can be done to deter package thefts and missed deliveries in Brooklyn?

Package theft, especially around the holidays, is a growing inconvenience for many consumers. No one wants to fall victim to porch pirates. It becomes necessary to consider implementing a few solutions so that your package safely makes it off the porch and into your home.

  • Consider shipping packages to your workplace - If your company allows it, you can go ahead with shipping online orders to your workplace instead of your home.
  • Make use of alternative delivery options and alerts - Sign up for delivery alerts to track your package and stay up-to-date on delivery times. You can also visit websites of third-party companies like FedEx, the U.S. Postal Service and UPS to get more information on their alternative pickup and delivery options that are available.
  • Be proactive and technical - Making use of automatic light timers and motion-sensor lights can be helpful if you are tech-savvy.
  • Request for help from either your neighbors or a neighborhood watch - If you have a neighbor who is usually at home, see if they can wait for your package or keep an eye out for it. Neighborhood watch can also help you protect your packages by developing close liaison between households in a neighborhood.

Even with all these pointers in place, it cannot be guaranteed that instances of stolen packages and missed deliveries can be prevented for good. The concept of package lockers or parcel lockers, which are secure, self-service storage units where packages can be deposited and retrieved is something that needs to be explored

Package storage lockers streamline package and asset delivery and are convenient, secure ways to meet package and mail delivery volume. Delivered parcel lockers have become more widely used in recent years because they offer a safer and more convenient contactless option for parcel delivery and pick up.

Parcel lockers are sometimes subject to recipient dissatisfaction as there might be a need to redirect a parcel due to the locker being full of items from other delivery companies. This could result in the recipient being unable to collect their parcel from a convenient location and having to wait longer than expected.

Employing the services of a package receiving and package acceptance facility instead can prove to be convenient and beneficial for package recipients. Stowfly, with a network of trusted shops and stores closer to you, is involved with the task of package storage services from where you can pick up your parcels whenever you wish to.

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Can package receiving services prevent package problems in Brooklyn?

Package receiving services in Brooklyn by Stowlfy can be located anywhere from a neighborhood restaurant or a coffee shop. You can book a package acceptance location that works best for you in terms of hours of operation and distance from either your work or office.

Stowfly facilitates an affordable way to fend off porch pirates and do away with issues of lost packages with rentals starting at $4 for each delivery. Every Stowfly booking is insured up to $1000, you can also opt for a monthly subscription for $7.50.

Once our verified location partners receive your packages, a unique pick-up PIN is generated for you to use while picking up your parcels. The security of valuable packages is a top priority at Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance services and hence no one can stake a claim to your packages unless the unique pick-up PIN is shown to our location partners.

You can forget about dealing with annoying issues like Amazon missing packages, UPS lost packages, Fedex stolen packages, and USPS missed deliveries, with Stowfly package acceptance effectively managing your parcels in Brooklyn from now on.

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