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Package Storage in Brooklyn

If you are frustrated because of lost packages, stolen packages, or misdelivered packages, you have come to the right place. Stowfly guarantees the safe keeping of your packages until it is convenient for you to collect them. Package theft is one of the biggest issues in Brooklyn. Almost everyone has had a package stolen from their doorstep.

According to a Nationwide Study:

  • About 59% of Americans receive package deliveries once a week.

  • About 43% of Americans have had a package stolen.

  • About 64% claim they have been a victim of package theft more than once.

  • About 29% claim they had a package stolen during the pandemic, and many were victims of package theft for the first time.

With huge popularity in eCommerce, people now prefer to shop online from the comforts of their homes. As more online orders are placed, thousands of packages are delivered every day. Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck in early 2020, online shopping has become the need of the hour. Most everyone prefers to shop online. Such a boom and continued growth of eCommerce has overloaded the delivery system with lots of deliveries to make every day. And so misdeliveries happen. To add to it, ‘porch pirates’ make matters worse by conveniently swiping packages when you’re not home.

How Stowfly solves this issue

Stowfly has come up with the perfect solution for your package delivery-related troubles. You can simply choose to ship your package to a Stowfly location and collect it at your convenient time. It is safe to use Stowfly locations as they have all been manually vetted and verified by our team before they are listed on the site.

How it works

You will be notified when your package is delivered to the location and you can pick it at your convenient time. Carry a valid photo ID that matches the name on your package and your order number. Failure to produce these 2 important details will result in no package handed to you.

Stowfly services are reasonably priced. A ‘One Time Use’ will cost you only $5. However, if you pay $15 a month you will be able to use Stowfly for an unlimited number of packages. Pay $15 and choose ‘Unlimited’ if you receive packages frequently throughout the month. If you don’t find a suitable location from the ones listed on the site, feel free to join our waitlist and we will notify you as soon as we create the most convenient for you. Additionally, you will get a month’s free Stowfly service for your patience.

Packages of up to 100lbs are allowed to be shipped to the Stowfly locations. However, perishables are not allowed.

You can trust Stowfly for the safe keep of your deliveries. All Stowfly locations are manually vetted, verified, and trained by our team before they are listed on the website. We also provide insurance coverage of $1000 for all your bookings to give you that peace of mind.

Now you no longer have to fret if you’re not home and you received a “package delivered” message. Choose to ship your package to a Stowfly location and be assured that you will most definitely receive your package.


It is always advisable to pick your package at the soonest convenient possible. Your packages can be kept with us for about 30 days. However, it is important to note that packages left for more than 30 days may be returned or disposed of if you fail to collect them.
If you choose ‘One Time Use’ you do not need any cancellation. However, if you opted for ‘Unlimited,’ you can contact and cancel your services for free.

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