How are Package Receiving Services helpful in the worst-ranked US city for Package Theft in 2024?

How are Package Receiving Services helpful in the worst-ranked US city for Package Theft in 2024?

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The metropolitan region of Seattle is a great place to visit, with a thriving food-and-drink scene, spectacular nature parks, sparkling waterfronts and a variety of options to experience the great outdoors.However, the Emerald City has been ranked as one of the worst US cities for package theft.

A study from has ranked Seattle as the fourth-worst metro city in the U.S. for package theft in 2021. Sadly after coming in second in 2022, the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue area has now moved to the top of the list of U.S. metros for worst package theft in 2023 and 2024.

Safewise again mentions that a whopping 67% of people in Seattle worry their packages will be stolen.

The city with the highest rate of concern for Porch Pirates: Seattle

The issue of porch pirates and package theft is widespread and a serious concern for package recipients. The act of stealing packages that haven’t yet been picked up by the intended recipient is known as porch piracy.

Millions of Amercians have been impacted by stolen packages with Seattle being the worst to have experienced it. The numbers are alarming, $8 billion packages have been stolen in the past year.

A news article on The United States Postal Service reported seeing a national uptick in mail theft, both from people's personal mailboxes and blue collection boxes. According to the Postal Inspector in Seattle, mail theft has been happening more often, locally. With break-ins caught on camera show suspect stealing letters which indicates that packages aren’t the only things being frequently stolen, letters and other types of mail are too.

Seattle postal inspectors are targeting hotspots for package thefts with the help of local police departments. The USPS recommends ways to not fall victim to this crime of opportunity, request a signature requirement for package deliveries, schedule a delivery time, or ask a neighbor or friend to bring in a package.

Ways to foil Porch Piracy and avoid Missing Packages in Seattle

Ensuring packages won’t be taken from your porch is by making sure they are not left out in the open for long. Tracking your deliveries is another way to make sure your packages do not land in the hands of porch pirates.

With USPS providing mail holding options along with FedEx and UPS having options for you to have packages held at a local location other than your home can also ensure secure deliveries.

Signing up for package delivery tracking with Amazon can help you track your packages right from the warehouse to your doorstep.

Missing deliveries can be a source of anxiety among package recipients. An unsuccessful delivery attempt made by a delivery agent at the customer’s delivery address accounts for missed deliveries and missed packages. Hassles related to rescheduling a delivery and then having to manage timings accordingly to be present during the scheduled delivery time is something that may not be a workable option for many consumers, considering their hectic work schedules and so on.

Instead, USPS missing packages, Amazon stolen packages, UPS lost packages and FedEx stolen packages and other issues like stolen packages, porch piracy and missed deliveries can be resolved by utilizing package receiving and package acceptance services by Stowfly.

Package receiving services are physical locations with verified location partners who are involved with the task of receiving packages for consumers as an alternate address and safely holding them until recipients wish to retrieve them.

The advantages of making use of Package Receiving and Package Acceptance Services by Stowfly are:

  • Package Protection - Once you have entrusted the responsibility of receiving your parcels to a Stowfly location, you can rest assured that they are in a protected environment that leaves no room for any further mishaps.A $1000 insurance policy per booking enables you to have a peace of mind.
  • Time and Cost Savings - No more having to deal with the time-consuming process of filing for claims for refunds in case of package thefts. A minimum rental of $4 can also save you the cost of missing packages that could be way too expensive to lose and then worry about.
  • Proximal Location Benefits - One of the biggest advantages that consumers can have is the convenience of being able to pick up packages from package storage locations that are closer to them. Stowfly package receiving and package storage locations are conveniently located in neighborhoods and near landmarks which saves you the trouble of having to walk or drive long distances.
  • No more Misdeliveries- Package acceptance locations take utmost care to not hand over your packages to anyone else by generating a unique pick-up PIN for you once they receive your parcels. Packages can be picked up only if you or someone on behalf of you share the same with the location partner.

Let packages not be left unattended anymore after deliveries. By entrusting the responsibility of safely receiving them with Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance facilities in Seattle you can be sure that you can receive parcels secure and intact.

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