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Online shopping is at its peak mostly towards the end of the year. As more and more packages are getting delivered to the doorstep with utmost convenience, they are going missing from the doorstep or on the way to delivery.

Boston city’s oldest residential community in the North End neighborhood has made it to the headlines of “Boston barber tracks down thieves who stole packages from doorstep”. The article mentions that Robert Dello Russo, a North End barber and tattoo shop owner, has had five bikes stolen, along with two Vespa scooters and countless packages. He even had someone on the street try to sell him his own shoes after they were stolen upon delivery. He has been constantly going from one location to another trying to get to the package before package thieves get to it.

The Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, which is closer to the North end has had its own fair share of package crimes. An image from shows a frustrated Beacon Hill homeowner having left a sarcastic note for porch pirates on his door. This indicates the intensity of package theft in Beacon Hill as well.

The frequency in package crimes at an alarming rate in and around the North End neighborhood states the necessity to have a solid solution in place to combat the issue.

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Can proactive efforts by package recipients, retailers, and carriers prevent package delivery setbacks in North End, Boston?

There are multiple tried and tested preventive measures by consumers to prevent package thefts and missed packages like using smart package lockers, installing security cameras, requesting for signature upon delivery, and insuring your parcels. In many cases, package recipients have opted to go the extra mile by installing app-connected outdoor floodlight cameras and putting up solar pathway lights that work via voice control.

Retailers on the other hand are taking precautions to reduce stolen packages to make sure to get orders into the hands of their customers, for instance:

  • Discreet Packaging - includes avoiding describing anything about the contents inside the box. Also by using basic packing boxes to avoid any branding information that can attract the attention of porch pirates and avert porch piracy.
  • Offering in-person pick-ups - Banding with delivery companies like Amazon which offers consumers facilities to retrieve packages at drop boxes and so on.
  • Providing shipping insurance and package protection - Ensuring package theft insurance for high-value items along with package shipping insurance can go a long way in providing a good customer experience as well.
  • Integrating with shipping companies to send real-time delivery notices- Most tracking services can easily combine with carriers like Amazon, FedEx, UPS, and more in letting recipients anticipate when packages will be delivered using real-time updates.

Third-party carriers like FedEx and UPS can help consumers by rerouting packages to another residential address. Amazon, on the other hand, offers Amazon Hub, which is a network of Amazon Hub Locker locations with self-service lockers and Amazon Hub Counters that are stores where you can pick up your package.

Sadly, consumers in North End, Boston are still trying to evade package delivery problems as they continue to persist even with these combined efforts in place.

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How can package recipients in North End combat package delivery problems effectively?

An effective way that can prove to be beneficial for retailers, consumers and carriers to ensure smooth last-mile package deliveries is by making use of package receiving services. Rather than shipping online deliveries to your home or business address, you can have package acceptance services receive packages on your behalf at a trusted location.

Since there is an actual verified location with location partners who receive packages and hold them for you, it is a safe bet and win-win situation for the business merchants, package recipients and shipping companies to avoid aftermaths of stolen packages, missed deliveries, follow-ups for claims and refunds along with Amazon missing packages and USPS lost packages.

Stowfly, with a wide network of package receiving and package acceptance services, offers secure spots for receiving and safekeeping of online deliveries for you.

Nevertheless, how does package receiving and package acceptance work?

Package receiving services are nothing but an arrangement where locations closer to you like either your neighborhood coffee shop or restaurant in North End undertake the task of receiving packages on your behalf. You can pick up your parcels from them at your convenience.

Package acceptance locations by Stowfly act as your secondary address for rentals as low as $4 for one-time delivery. All our bookings are also insured up to $1000.

You can relax knowing the fact a unique pick-up PIN is generated for you once your parcels are delivered at a Stowfly location. The safety of your packages is of utmost priority and therefore your parcels will not be handed over to anyone unless the unique pick-up PIN is shown to our verified location partner.

Wait no longer, it's time to put a full stop to all kinds of package-related agony with Stowfly package acceptance and package receiving services in North End from now on.

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