Stowfly is a network of trusted shops and stores that allows you to receive your online deliveries at their locations and pick them up at your own convenience.

Package Receiving and Package Acceptance in Boston

Stowfly is a network of trusted shops and stores that allows you to receive your online deliveries at their locations and pick them up at your own convenience.

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$15.00/mo for unlimited use

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Package theft

Have your packages been stolen from outside your door?


Missed package

Are you frequently missing deliveries when you’re not home?

All About Package Receiving and Package Acceptance in Boston, Massachusetts

If you have any experience with USPS lost packages or Amazon missing packages, you have come to the right place. In Boston, there are many who have dealt with online package theft. There are also many who frequently miss deliveries due to their non - availability. With Stowfly, you no longer need to worry about these problems. 

You can easily book a Stowfly location near you as an alternative address to receive your packages. Your packages straight away reach Stowfly locations. Here, your packages are kept safe until you pick them up at your convenience. There will be no question of losing or missing your online packages ever again. You can have peace of mind and receive your packages without any stress.

What are the problems with missed packages and missed deliveries in Boston, Massachusetts?

Missed packages and missed deliveries in Boston are one of the significant problems faced by delivery companies. The same is applicable to the package recipient when he/she accidentally missed the delivery. There can be many reasons why one can face missed packages in Boston. One of the common reasons is being away from your delivery address. 

When your door is locked, the delivery agent can simply mark your door as “we missed you today”. Or sometimes, you can see a note that says, “we will see you soon”. Missed packages can come in the next couple of days, but you still have to wait for more days to receive your package. This kind of incident happens all over the USA and Boston is not any different. 

A distressed Boston Reddit user posted ‘Has anyone noticed their packages have been lost by courier as of late?’ . He further goes on to mention that he had two separate packages listed as “unable to be delivered” because the courier lost them. Missed packages in Boston are on an alarming increase and hence a package receiving service in Boston is the need of the hour.

One of the incidences of missing packages happened in Boston with UPS according to an article published on BostonNews25. The best way to deal with missed deliveries or missed packages is to subscribe to a package receiving and package acceptance service in Boston. 

How do stolen packages or package theft occur in Boston, Massachusetts?

Package theft can occur to anyone who orders online in Boston. Porch pirates will be on the lookout to understand who is a frequent online shopper. If they have noticed regular online deliveries coming to your home, they will be on high alert to attack when there is no one to notice them. 

Stolen packages can be truly troublesome especially when you were expecting a valuable package. Every delivery company comes with its own set of rules and regulations to help you trace a package. They also help in providing you with a refund if you prove package theft. Well, although you may get a refund, the entire process turns out to be tedious for you. 

There are so many instances of package theft that is reported in Boston in recent times. In the article by Bostonglobe.com, Police have issued a community alert to be careful about package thieves. Another article from nbcboston.com indicates that Police were seeking help to identify a woman behind package theft. Since there is so much evidence of stolen packages in Boston, it calls for solutions to combat the troubles of it.

How do package delivery companies in Boston,Massachusetts help with stolen packages and missed deliveries?

Amazon, USPS, FedEx, and UPS are the most popular delivery companies in Boston. Let us learn how each of these companies helps in dealing with package theft and missed packages in Boston -

Handling Amazon Stolen Packages and Amazon Missing Packages in Boston

Amazon recommends the below process for all Amazon missing packages in Boston- 

Firstly you need to ensure who is the selling party from Amazon. If it is a third-party seller, Amazon recommends that you contact them first to resolve the issue. If the third-party seller responds positively and refunds your lost packages, the procedure ends there. 

In case, if you get no response from the third-party seller, you can claim the Amazon A-Z Guarantee. The process involves verifying your claim before refunding your loss. Just keep in mind that your claim may not always be successful. You may also get rejected from getting an A-Z Guarantee refund. 

If your lost package was sold directly by Amazon, you can contact customer support from your account. You can chat or get call support to resolve your issue of Amazon missing packages. 

Click here for more information on dealing with Amazon missing packages

Handling USPS missing packages in Boston

In Boston, USPS recommends verifying in various ways before concluding if a package was lost due to theft. It suggests looking around different areas like the porch, mailbox, or garage. It may be possible that the delivery person left your package in an uncommon place. If you have searched everywhere and still could not place your USPS package, you can write an email to the local post office to get support within the next 2-to 3 days. 

Click here to know more about USPS missing packages

Handling UPS lost packages in Boston

UPS recommends waiting for a period of 24 hours before starting a claim for UPS lost packages. In case, you still do not receive your UPS package after 24 hours, you can start a claim. You can get the UPS claim process to enter information like package details, package IDs, transaction numbers, and your role. After filling out the details, you can submit your claim to receive a refund after the verification process. 

Check the link to know in detail about UPS lost packages

Handling FedEx lost packages in Boston

FedEx has clear instructions to follow when you have to claim a lost package. It includes filling out the online claim form, uploading supporting documents relating to the lost FedEx package, scheduling an inspection from the company or self, and lastly tracking the status of your claim. 

Click the link for additional information on FedEx lost packages

What is the difference between package lockers and a service like package receiving and package acceptance in Boston,Massachusetts ?

Package lockers are the physical lockers that one can operate using a lock and key mechanism. Or as per the latest technological advancements, delivered parcel lcokers are automated. It opens and closes with a mobile phone app or works with pin codes. Amazon Lockers are one such example that is widely used in Boston and in the USA.  A service like package receiving and package acceptance is where your packages are safely received by a package storage facility like Stowfly. It will be taken care of and handed over to you when you collect them at your convenience. Stowfly works like package storage lockers in Boston in comparison, with the former having physical locations to receive and safe keep your packages.


How does Stowfly’s package receiving and package acceptance work in Boston, Massachusetts ?

Stowfly is a network of trusted stores and shops near you in Seattle. It offers a simple solution to the problems of missed packages in Boston or porch piracy. When you book a Stowfly location, you call it your secondary address to deliver your online orders. Your packages reach Stowfly locations and are kept safe until you receive them at your convenience. If USPS missing packages or Amazon stolen packages have bothered you for a long time, Stowfly is best for you. It works similarly to a package locker to take care of your online packages. You can easily plan a day outing or work longer at your office without the worry of package theft.  


Why Stowfly for package receiving and package acceptance in Boston, Massachusetts ?

Everyone today shops online and has a package delivered. Choose Stowfly Package Storage Dallas to help tackle the problems of missed deliveries in Boston, missed packages, and packages stolen.

Safety and Security

We understand that the safety and security of your packages are of utmost importance to you. Every Stowfly location is verified by our team to ensure they are safe. Once the Stowfly location receives your package, a unique PIN code will be sent to your phone. You can pick your package only after matching your PIN code at the Stowfly location.

Insurance Coverage

We provide an insurance cover of $1000 for every booking to give that extra peace of mind.

Affordable Pricing

Shipping your packages to a Stowfly location costs just $4 per package. The subscription starts at $7.50 for 5 packages and $15 for unlimited packages per month.

Convenient Locations

Stowfly has a number of locations for you to choose from. Choose the one that is most convenient to you. If none of the locations listed work for you, you can choose to join our waitlist and we will notify you as soon as we have better options.

Easy Booking

Stowfly locations can be booked in an instant. You can just log in to the Stowfly website or the mobile app. Select the self-storage units of your choice and the storage unit is just a tap away.

Size Limit

At the minute, packages weighing below 50 lbs and measuring up to 2 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft are allowed to be shipped to a Stowfly location. Perishables are not allowed.

24x7 Customer Service

We are always ready to help you. Our 24x7 customer service is available to you whenever you have any questions for us. You can reach out to us via call or email at any point in time.

Where can you find package receiving and package acceptance in Boston, Massachusetts?

Below are a few neighborhoods where Stowfly is available in Boston - 

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in Dorchester

Boston’s largest neighborhood, Dorchester is not unaccustomed to packages getting lost. Package theft has become a burning issue. To help tackle this, Stowfly has a location on Dorchester Avenue where you can send your packages for safe delivery. Soon Stowfly will be available in many other areas like Washington Street, Hancock Street, and Ashmont Street. Having Stowfly package acceptance Boston will totally avoid the problems like Amazon missing packages and UPS lost packages. 

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in East Boston

Residents in East Boston can feel more relaxed when ordering a home delivery because Stowfly is here to safely receive your deliveries. Amazon missing packages or UPS stolen packages will be like a forgotten story. You can use the Stowfly location located at Maverick Street and soon many more locations will be available in and around areas like Princeton Street, Havre Street, and Falcon Street. Stowfly is absolutely safe to use as all locations are vetted and verified by our team before they are listed on the platform.

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in Chinatown, Boston

Looking for package receiving or acceptance in Chinatown? Tired of missed packages in Boston? Stowfly is adding several options near you in Chinatown really soon. You will soon find Stowfly package storage services that are close to the well-known lanes or landmarks in the neighborhood. USPS missing packages and FedEx lost packages will no longer trouble you. Stowfly is now available on Kneeland Street.  You may soon have a Stowfly location near Stuart Street, Harrison Avenue, or Washington Street. If you want another package storage option, Amazon Lockers can be found in Chinatown.

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in Allston, Boston

The neighborhood of Allston has the famous Harvard Business School. It is a prime area for the students of Havard to live in and around this neighborhood. No matter how prime an area it is, incidents of porch pirates stealing packages is something the residents have been dealing with for quite some time. Worry no more as Stowfly is here to solve all your package delivery woes. Stowfly is available on Harvard Avenue and very soon many more locations will be available in and around areas like Braintree Street, Gordon Street, and Coolidge Road.

Package Storage near you in Downtown Boston

Tired of dealing with package theft in Downtown Boston? Are you desperately looking for a solution for missed packages in Boston? Residents of Downtown can easily use Stowfly located on Winter Street. Affordable rates and safe delivery locations make Stowfly your alternate shipping address. Whether you are out enjoying a holiday or busy at work, Stowfly will safely receive your delivery and store it until you pick it up at your convenient time. Other Stowfly locations will soon open in areas like Stuart Street, India Street, and Summer Street.

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in Bay Village, Boston

Living in Bay Village, Boston? Searching for a package receiving and acceptance location near you? Bay Village may be called the smallest neighborhood in Boston. However, you can find many Stowfly locations serving package acceptance Boston placed near you. You can easily deliver your packages to the locations.  You may soon find package storage near Nordstrom Rack or around Berkeley street, St. James Avenue, Boylston Street, or Clarendon Street. You can also find Amazon lockers and Amazon Hub Counters as other package storage lockers in Boston. With these safe package storage facilities coming in place, you no longer have to worry about your Amazon missing packages, UPS lost packages, or FedEx packages missing.

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in Beacon Hill, Boston

If you are a resident of Beacon Hill and interested in package receiving and package acceptance Boston options, Stowfly is bringing many near your place.  Stowfly package storage is safe and convenient for receiving your packages. You will never have to worry about losing or missing your online orders anymore. A Stowfly location is available at Beacon Street. Other Stowfly locations will be soon available in and around Philips Street, Revere Street, Myrtle Street, and Pinckney Street. You may also explore options like Amazon lockers, UPS Access Point, and Amazon Hub Counters in the Beacon Hill neighborhood. 

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in North End, Boston

North End is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Boston. Stowfly is adding many package storage locations in the neighborhood. Package acceptance Boston service can be very close to you now. It can be just next to your house in a coffee shop or in a department store. Every location is verified and you can safely call your alternate delivery address.  A Stowfly address is now available on Cooper Street. You will soon have package storage facilities in your neighborhood near Commercial Street, Unity Street, Charter Street, and also around Old North Church. Other package storage facilities in the North End area include Amazon Lockers and Amazon Hub Counters. 

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in Fenway-Kenmore, Boston

If you are in the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood and keen on a package storage facility, Stowfly is soon coming near you. You can easily find a Stowfly location to receive your packages. You will never have to think about package theft or stolen deliveries from your apartment. Stowfly is bringing many locations in and around Fenway Park and Boston University Campus. Apart from this, you may also consider Amazon lockers and UPS Access Point for package storage in the Fenway-Kenmore area.

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in South End, Boston

If you are looking for package storage facilities in the South End, Stowfly is coming up with convenient locations. It can be very close to your apartment. You can simply walk to the location to pick your deliveries. Stowfly locations are perfectly safe for your online orders. You may soon find many Stowfly locations in South End near Massachusetts Avenue, Shawmut Avenue, Tremont Street, and also around the Boston Medical University Campus. Currently, Amazon Lockers and Amazon Hub Counters as the other options in South End Boston like package storage lockers in Boston are also available.

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in Back Bay, Boston

Back Bay is one of the affluent neighborhoods in Boston. It is also a place for shopping and dining. You can find Stowfly locations in your favorite shopping place. Or a nearby coffee shop. A Stowfly location is now open on Massachusetts Avenue. You can soon find Stowfly package storage facilities in the Back Bay area near St. Germain Street, ClearWay Street, Dalton Street, Belvidere Street, and near many familiar locations in the area. You may look into UPS Access Point or Amazon Lockers for your immediate requirement in Back Bay Boston. 

Why is Stowfly your suitable package storage facility in Boston, Massachusetts?

Stowfly understands your pain of stolen packages or missed deliveries in Boston. Coming home to USPS missing packages or UPS stolen packages are not good at all.  That's why we ensure that our locations are safe and convenient for your needs. There is no compromise in terms of the safety and security of your packages. Your packages will come with insurance coverage and you will receive support from our customer service team. Booking a Stowfly location makes your life easier without the constant worry of package theft or missed deliveries in Boston.

Check this blog for more information on Stowfly’s package receiving and package acceptance services in Boston.

Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance to combat all package delivery problems in Boston, Massachusetts

The capital of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston, has unfortunately not been excused from issues associated with package deliveries. Distressed package recipients are taking to social news websites and forums like Reddit with comments on having missed delivery of signature-required packages as well.

Umpteen cases of missed deliveries and missed packages in Boston cannot be brushed under the carpet anymore. The need for a stable solution to do away with these persistent issues is the need of the hour. To some extent, delivered parcel lockers in Boston have managed to cut down the frequency of such instances. However, a durable remedy is to make use of package acceptance services by Stowfly.

Stowfly, makes package receiving all the more convenient, with a trusted network of shops and stores closer to you. The concept corresponds to that of package storage lockers in Boston. The advantages are that there is no cause for breach and negligence with Stowfly, as location partners are vetted and verified to make sure your packages are received and handled with precision.

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Stowfly is an easy, convenient way to get packages delivered to a location near you. If you’re constantly facing the challenge of missed deliveries or stolen/lost packages, book a Stowfly location and ship your online deliveries there and pick up at your own convenient time. No need to stand in a line at the post office or wait longer to organize your re-delivery.
1. Find a location that works best for you in terms of hours of operation and distance from your home or office.

2. Select the right pricing option between one time use or one of our monthly subscription options

3. Pay to get the full address of the location that you can use as your shipping address while shopping online on any website. You will also get a unique PIN code that you will need for pick up at the location.

4. Once your package arrives at our location, we will notify you and you can pick it up at your own convenience.
We have three pricing options. $4.00 for one time delivery, $7.50 subscription for up to 5 packages a month and $15 subscription for up to 15 packages a month.

For the subscription option there is a $1 surcharge for every package that comes in over the limit and for every package left after 7 days there is a $2 surcharge per package for every 7 days not picked up.

We have a $1000 insurance policy per package with a mandatory $0.50 charge per package booking
No, we do not need your tracking number. As long as you put your name on the package that matches our booking records, we will automatically notify you as soon as your package arrives.
Yes, as long as they have your unique pick up PIN, you can send anyone to pick up your delivery.
Stowfly works with local shops and businesses that have unused space that want to help nearby customers receive their deliveries at their store. These could be anywhere from your neighborhood coffee shop, convenience store, restaurant or a mom & pop shop. All our location partners are vetted and trained in handling your packages and store them outside of publicly accessible areas of their store.

Through this community of local shops, we work together to help solve your missed deliveries problem while also supporting local shops and businesses with some extra income.
We take safety and security of your package deliveries very seriously.

1. All our location partners are vetted, verified and trained before they are on the Stowfly platform.

2. We generate a unique pick up PIN code for you and we do not let anyone else pick up your package unless the correct pick up PIN is shown to our location partner.

3. $1000 insurance - all our bookings are insured up to $1000 to give you that extra peace of mind.
Your unique pick up PIN which you will receive as part of your booking confirmation.

Upon arrival at the location, just tell the location staff that you’re here to pick up your Stowfly delivery and your unique pick up PIN code and they will hand over your packages.
Our one time use pricing is for a single package. You can book for as many packages as you want by booking for multiple packages or buy our monthly subscription plan for unlimited package deliveries.

If you’re not sure whether a single order will arrive as multiple packages, rest assured we will accommodate those situations.
Due to security and insurance reasons, we cannot share the full address and contact info of our location partners before an online booking is made in our system.
You can order any packages with dimensions up to 2 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft.

Weight of the package needs to be below 50bs.
No, we do not allow perishables. Our insurance doesn't cover for perishables.
You should pick up your package at the earliest when it's convenient for you.

Please do note that items left for more than 7 days will result in an additional charge of $2.5 for both one time purchases and subscription users. Please also note that items not picked up within 30 days may be disposed of. If you feel it may take longer for you to pick up in case you’re traveling, please inform our customer care team at support@stowfly.com and we will accommodate your request.
Every booking on Stowfly is covered by a $1000 insurance to give you that extra peace of mind.
For our subscription pricing, we offer free cancellation at any time. You will not be charged for the month following your cancellation date. If you would like to cancel your subscription please contact us at support@stowfly.com.

For 1 time use purchase, there is no cancelation policy as it is just a one time purchase and does not expire
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