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How you can avoid losing your USPS packages and keep them safe and secure

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Who hasn't experienced a USPS lost package? I would be quite surprised if anyone didn't. Missed deliveries, lost packages, and missed packages have been on the rise in recent times and are now considered a serious problem. We have all been battling this problem for many years now. Package theft and other such package issues are not limited to one delivery service only. This calls for more effective and efficient ways to tackle the issue. USPS delivery service offers some solutions to avoid USPS lost packages. You can use these alternatives to safeguard your USPS packages.

Track a Package

Start by locating your tracking number. This can be found in shipping receipts, sales receipts, email confirmation, shipping confirmation emails from an online retailer, or the bottom peel-off portion of your USPS label. Enter your tracking number and find shipping and status information, delivery and destination addresses, weight, mail class, and postage cost for your package.

Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery is an optional service you can use for free. It is a notification feature that sends you an email containing a greyscale image of the exterior, address part of your letter-sized mail. This allows the recipients to see when a package is arriving in their mailbox. You can track all your incoming packages automatically with email alerts.

Hold Mail

The Hold Mail service allows you to keep your mail and package for up to 30 days at your local Post Office facility. In that way, if you are away on a holiday or are unavailable to receive your mail or package, it can be put safely away until your return.

Rent a PO Box

You can also rent a PO Box with USPS to get your mails and packages delivered. USPS offers a range of PO Box sizes to hold your mails and packages safely at a Post Office facility near you. Many of the USPS PO Box locations are open 24/7 giving you easy access any time. Moreover, if a package delivered to your PO Box is too big to fit in your box, USPS will hold it for you.


This is a USPS package receiving service. Customers can opt to ship their USPS deliveries for easy pick up to any one of the Gopost locations according to convenience. When your USPS package is delivered to your Gopost unit, you will receive an email or text notification to pick it up.

How to avoid losing USPS packages

USPS packages not delivered, lost packages and missed deliveries continue to rise in cases despite the USPS delivery service solutions. To prevent package theft, it is best to be aware of the different methods and ways you can avoid a USPS lost package.

Schedule or reschedule a delivery

To know exactly when you would be receiving a package, schedule your package to be delivered when you will be available to receive it. Sign up for notifications and check if you can have alternate delivery options. If you missed your delivery, schedule a redelivery date that is most convenient for you. Redeliveries can be scheduled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Give special delivery instructions

If possible, leave special delivery instructions for your order. You can ask not to leave your package on the porch. Porch pirates will leave no stone unturned to strike at any given opportunity. Instead, ask to leave your package out of plain sight. Possible places can be behind plants or bushes, a side door or the side of the house, or a back door.

Install a security camera or a video doorbell

Security cameras and video doorbells act as a good deterrent for porch pirates. Package theft is a crime and if caught stealing packages, the thief will be charged with theft, property crime, and other offenses. If you have a video doorbell installed, you can interact with the delivery person and instruct them where to leave your package. Video doorbells are motion-activated and capture anyone who approaches your door.

Get your packages delivered to your office address

Another easy solution to avoid losing your USPS packages is to send them to your office address where they will be safely and surely received by you or someone. If you keep missing your deliveries or your packages are stolen often because you are mostly away at work, then this is a great way to receive your deliveries.

Use a smart package locker service

Of late, customers have resorted to using smart package locker services like Amazon Lockers, USP Access Points, FedEx Ship&Get or USPS Gopost. These smart lockers are safe alternatives to securely receive packages. Shipping companies deliver packages to these lockers which can be accessed with a unique security code. These smart lockers can be found in convenience stores, grocery stores, chain stores, or even inside apartment buildings. The locations are usually open throughout the day.

Clear shipping labels

An important point to keep in mind is the accuracy and clarity of your shipping labels. Ensure that you put in the correct destination address and do not forget to put down a return address as well. If the package doesn't make its way to the recipient, it can be sent back to you. Shipping labels should be clearly legible and securely attached before shipping. Use smudge-free ink when writing down or printing shipping labels.

Signature on delivery

Another way to tackle package theft is to ask for “Signature Delivery.” In this way, your packages will not be dropped off outside your home leaving them unattended and vulnerable to porch pirates. But this also means that you should be available to receive and sign off the delivery, which does not always work for everyone.

How to keep your USPS packages safe and secure

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