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Package Receiving Services in some of the biggest College/University towns in the USA

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A College town is essentially a town, city, or community where young people come to pursue an education and leave once they earn their degrees. These places are usually dominated by the university population.

What are the challenges faced by students and universities regarding Package Deliveries?

College and university students do a lot of online shopping, be it books, dorm room furnishings, clothes, and electronics. It is also natural that a city or town with a majority of students has a constant inflow of incoming packages, mostly from friends and families.

 Unfortunately, packages are being stolen from university students living in apartments. Students generally hesitate to report this crime of opportunity due to time constraints, thanks to their strenuous lesson schedules.

Resorting to alternative methods to protect their mail like having them shipped to a friend's address is not a feasible solution as this means spending extra time, commuting all the way to get those packages.

Opting for solutions like package storage lockers or delivered parcel lockers are also not pocket-friendly alternatives for students on a stringent budget.

Universities are dealing with challenges related to package deliveries in the Campus. With most college mail centers being built well before e-commerce came into existence, the impact of a surge in packages has left traditional methods of dealing with incoming packages impractical.

 A significant increase in package deliveries has led to space and logistical challenges. Some of them are:

  • Lack of storage space.
  • Delay in package recipients picking up their parcels from the central mailroom.
  • Increase in cardboard waste and recycling.

It is high time that both the students and universities look for solutions that streamline mail and package deliveries.

Package receiving and package acceptance services in these university or college towns can prove to be beneficial for students to ensure the safe delivery and convenient pick-ups of their parcels without having to wait in a long line while mailroom clerks find packages, examine ID, and gather signatures in the campus mailroom which is time-consuming.

Package Acceptance Services in some of the top University/ College towns in the USA

Package receiving and package acceptance services in New York City, which is the nation's largest college town, followed by Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago make it convenient and easier for students to receive their parcels securely.

Stowfly offers such package storage services in college towns not only for students but also for staff and faculty to be able to receive their packages without any hassles.

Package acceptance services are nothing but actual locations closer to universities and colleges that can be utilized by students as their alternate addresses. For instance, Columbia University, New York University, Yeshiva University,  and Fordham University are all located in Manhattan. Students from all these universities can opt for a package receiving location from a network of trusted shops or stores to deliver their online packages to package receiving services in NYC.

Rentals start at $4 for one-time delivery which can include items such as supplies and materials that arrive via the USPS, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, or other delivery services as well.

Students from some of the largest Universities in Los Angeles like the University of Southern California, University of California—Los Angeles, California State University—Northridge, California State University—Fullerton, California State University—Long Beach can make use of package receiving services in Los Angeles and have their parcels delivered to be picked up at their convenience.

Package receiving services in Boston can be helpful for the nearby student-centered town of Cambridge, MA. With the world’s best and brightest students and academics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University constantly looking to avoid package theft and missed deliveries, package acceptance locations can be their source of much-needed relief.

The city of Chicago is home to two of the world’s most esteemed universities, the University of Chicago, and Northwestern University. With instances of missed packages, long waiting times, and students unable to make it to the mailroom before it closes has frustrations mounted up. Package acceptance services in Chicago can solve this very problem by receiving their parcels and holding them until the recipient wishes to retrieve them.

A unique pick-up PIN is generated for every package that is received at a Stowfly package receiving location. Package recipients can stay assured that no one else can pick them up from Sowfly’s verified location partners unless the PIN is shown.

Package recipients in these University and college towns no longer have to deal with Amazon missing packages and USPS lost packages with Stowfly functionally managing their parcels.