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Overcoming Parcel Delivery issues with Package Acceptance in Fremont, Seattle

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The approaching holiday season has seen an influx in online shopping trends. As online shopping spells see a significant increase, there is also a rise in deliveries. An article published in states “UPS delivers 27 million packages per day and 25 billion per year (2022 report). FedEx ships an average of 10 million packages daily, while USPS ships around 4,900 pieces per second.”

The convenience of online shopping and home deliveries however comes with its own set of problems for customers like package theft, missed deliveries, and lost packages. Instances associated with FedEx lost packages, USPS Stolen packages, and UPS missed deliveries are also by-products of getting products shipped and delivered to your doorsteps.

Common package delivery problems in Fremont has a list of strategies issued by the Fremont Police Department to avoid mail and package theft. To make sure that one is not a victim of porch pirates the advice is to plan to be at home in order to promptly receive your mail, request a signature upon delivery, and finally report the theft or loss to the original company, the shipping company, and the Fremont Police Department.

A man believed to be responsible for a string of mail thefts across the Seattle area, including thefts that halted mail delivery for hundreds of residents, has been arrested, federal prosecutors said. This piece of news published in raises questions on the security of online deliveries in the Emerald City.

With the Fremont police department having identified an increase in reports of mail theft throughout the city in broad daylight it is time that package recipients in this neighborhood get their act together and combat these issues at large.

Tips for consumers to avoid package delivery mishaps

Delivery mishaps can be a source of frustration for consumers. However, with proactive measures in place many of these issues can be mitigated or resolved. This involves working hand-in-glove with businesses or third-party shipping companies in order to make the online shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable for everyone. A few of them are listed below:

  • Be cautious while online shopping during peak seasons - Porch piracy is at its peak during the holiday season when people tend to shop and order items online and get them delivered.
  • Clear communication with the seller or shipping company - Make use of tracking tools provided by sellers and courier companies and monitor the status of your orders. This helps you stay up to date with tracking information and any potential delays.
  • Avoid misdeliveries by double checking the delivery address - Provide accurate and up-to-date delivery addresses. Errors, like typos or outdated addresses, can lead to misdeliveries or delays.
  • Make use of facilities like Amazon hub locker - In case you are ordering items through Amazon, have them shipped to an Amazon locker to be stored until you are ready to pick them up. This is one way you can avoid Amazon missing packages.
  • Invest in smart package lockers - Smart parcel lockers can safeguard your holiday gifts and deliveries from porch pirates.

If your packages are still hot targets for porch pirates, despite all proactive measures in place then the first step is to contact the retailer.

  • Confirm with the seller if the package was actually delivered to the mentioned address.
  • File a claim with the shipping company.
  • Report the theft to local law enforcement.
  • Contact your credit card company to see if they can give you a refund in case the seller or shipping company does not.

A package receiving and package acceptance service can effectively manage your incoming parcels and save you the trouble of going back and forth and getting involved in an untoward delivery incident.

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Protecting your packages with Stowlfy package receiving service

Stowfly is one such service provider with expertise in package storage. Package receiving services are locations that can be anywhere from your neighborhood restaurant or a convenience store that works as your secondary address and receive parcels for you from where you can always collect them when you wish to.

You can rely on package acceptance services for the safe holding of your parcels as a unique pick-up PIN is generated for you once your packages are received at a Stowfly location. This PIN needs to be shared with our verified location partners before you or anyone on your behalf can retrieve packages. Our rentals are pocket-friendly and start at $4 for one-time delivery with a $1000 insurance policy per package offered as well.

Package receiving and package acceptance services in Seattle is a sure-shot way to ensure the safe delivery of your parcels in Fremont and other neighborhoods in order to do away with package anxiety hereafter.

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