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How to benefit with an effective last-mile delivery strategy?

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Last-mile delivery is the final leg of transportation of products and goods from the warehouse to a customer’s doorstep. As smooth as it sounds to be, the problem is when the status of the package in question shows “out for delivery”, but customers end up waiting for an extended amount of time before they actually receive it.

The last stretch of delivery involves a lot of delays and stops which result in shipping setbacks. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the smooth running of the last leg supply chain journey in order to satisfy customer expectations that have been increasing.

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Few challenges faced while delivering goods to the end customer include:

1. Customer Expectations

The expectation of fast and same-day delivery along with free shipping is the most obvious challenge. Customers now do not wish to wait for the typical delivery time frame which is ‘5 to 7 business days’.

2. High cost associated with Last-mile Delivery

Rising costs are increasing the pressure on companies due to higher customer standards. Increased purchases during peak seasons along with customers willing to pay for expedited deliveries is challenging enough for companies to resolve these issues with higher efficiency and better planning without passing these costs to the customer.

3. Delayed Deliveries and Route Optimization

Roadworks, stoplights at signals, and peak-time traffic congestion lead to failure in meeting delivery deadlines. Unexpected situations can also lead to late deliveries which results in failed orders. Route optimization through a distributed delivery network along with real-time communication is the best option to resolve the same.

4. Transparency in Communication

Customers want to see every step of the last mile. Implementing real-time visibility tools to allow communication with the delivery agent along with making options available to track shipments real time rather than relying only on tracking codes is essential.

By speeding up deliveries, crowdsourcing, capitalizing on digital technologies and automation along with imposing quick and dependable delivery services can result in more efficient and cost-effective delivery operations.

Monitoring the biggest challenges in last-mile delivery in order to keep up with competition and maintaining customer satisfaction is crucial to address all inefficiencies and minimize complications.

How can you solve final-mile delivery problems?

While e-commerce businesses are trying to elevate their standards when it comes to the shipping process, consumers on their part are constantly dealing with issues like package theft and missed deliveries.

Instances of USPS missing packages and Amazon stolen packages are still bothersome even with the best efforts from these carriers to make sure that packages are promptly delivered and received by the recipient.

A seamless last-leg delivery experience is something that every shipping company strives for in order to get to the end result, which is a delighted customer. However, rampant incidents involving porch pirates who snatch packages right off people’s doorsteps is something beyond their control. Package recipients need to up their game by making use of services like package receiving and package acceptance to avoid UPS lost packages and FedEx stolen packages.

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