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Avoiding Package Delivery hassles in Grant Park, Chicago with Stowfly

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Chicago is not new to incidents associated with package thefts, lost packages, and missed deliveries. With reporting from Chicago stating “A Pilsen resident is the victim of a so-called "porch pirate" just weeks after moving into her new home. It happened not just once but twice and it was all caught on camera.”

The site of many large, historic civic events, Grant Park in Chicago has a crime rate of 9.115 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. It is easy to conclude that package crimes also must be rampant in this neighborhood.

The neighborhood of West Town is not far away from Grant Park and with frequent occurrences of stolen packages has had residents in agony. “West Town Area Neighbors Band Together To Catch Man Suspected In Years' Worth Of Package Thefts” according to The article further goes on “ Neighbors in a community on the cusp of Humboldt Park and Ukrainian Village banded together to stop an accused thief. The thief is suspected of stealing packages from porches in the neighborhood for years.”

Are package lockers secure package storage solutions?

With many other options like package lockers to guard your valuable items against untoward instances like missed packages and stolen packages, you can always find ways and means to avoid package woes.

Parcel lockers are an easy way to manage your deliveries. You can redirect your items to a nearby delivered parcel locker, where they will stay stored to be collected by you at your wish.

Most package storage lockers are located in either public or semi-public areas, which makes retrieving parcels from them a task in itself once you receive a notification when parcels are delivered to your locker. Smart parcel lockers will need you to scan the QR code sent to you either via a message or in the application.

Last-mile package delivery hassles occur due to several reasons. Unpredictable situations resulting while parcels are in transit, traffic, vehicle issues, and unfavorable weather conditions contribute to missed packages and missed deliveries. Alongside stolen packages result from porch piracy where sneak thieves also referred to as “Porch pirates” are actively engaged in the task of swiftly swiping parcels off recipients’ doorsteps even before they can get to them.

Why make use of package receiving and package acceptance in Grant Park, Chicago?

To put an end to all these problems, Stowfly, with a network of package storage services is available with a vast network of package receiving and package acceptance locations closer to you in Chicago and also in Grant Park. The purpose of package acceptance is to act as your secondary address to receive packages on your behalf and securely hold them for you until you wish to pick them up at your convenience.

Stowfly package receiving locations are mainly either a coffee shop in your neighborhood or a restaurant closer to you and so on. Vetted and verified location partners are trained to receive and safe keep your precious parcels and not hand them over to anyone unless a unique pick-up PIN is shown to them. This unique pick-up PIN is generated for you once your packages are received at a Stowfly location.

Rentals at Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance services are as reasonable as $4 for one-time delivery and a $ 1,000 insurance policy per package is also offered. You can now relax wherever you are, once you have assigned the task of package receiving and package acceptance to Stowfly and do away with package delivery-related worries in Grant Park hereafter.

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