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Package Receiving and Package Acceptance in Visalia, CA

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Package Theft

Package theft

Have your packages been stolen from outside your door?

Missed Package

Missed package

Are you frequently missing deliveries when you’re not home?

All About Package Receiving and Package Acceptance in Visalia, CA

Package thefts are occurring according to the Visalia Police Department. More online shopping and contactless deliveries during the coronavirus pandemic have meant more opportunities for package theft. If you are someone who is constantly hassled with pertinent issues related to package thefts or missed deliveries then Stowfly is the tailor made solution that you have been looking for.

Package receiving and package acceptance service from Stowfly, Visalia,CA  is here to safekeep all your online delivery packages on your behalf. You will no longer have to deal with annoying instances related to UPS lost packages or FedEx lost packages.

What are the problems with missed packages and missed deliveries in Visalia,CA?

With a higher than average crime rate recorded in Visalia, it is but natural that instances of missed packages and missed deliveries are on the rise as well. Missed deliveries are mostly accidental. Sometimes the receiver may have had to step out or is not present to receive a parcel in spite of getting to know about a  scheduled delivery well in advance.

The delivery personnel then attempts to contact customers or make the delivery to the neighbor, failing which the missed delivery package gets stuck at the storehouse or is returned to the seller. A package receiving and package acceptance service is extremely helpful in this situation to ensure the safe delivery of packages to an alternative address to receive them.

How do stolen packages or package theft occur in Visalia, CA

Statistics on reveal that more than 3 in 4 Americans have been a victim of package theft or stolen packages in their lifetime, with over half porch pirate victims having had multiple packages stolen in the past 12 months.

Until the package hits your porch, the seller bears responsibility for it. After delivery, it becomes your property and your responsibility. features an article with regards to Visalia Police having found a man with hundreds of pieces of stolen packages in Granite bay. reports that “Police in Visalia say mail theft is a consistent crime in the city of almost 140,000 people” and have shared tips for persistent crime of mail theft.These instances bring to light the intensity of  package thefts and the fact that utmost importance should be given on preventing the same.

These incidents reinstate the fact that the residents of Visalia,CA will benefit from a package acceptance and package receiving service.

How do package delivery companies in Visalia,CA help in stolen packages and missed deliveries?

The most popular package delivery companies in Visalia,CA include Amazon, USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Let us learn how each of these companies helps in dealing with package theft and missed packages - 

Handling Amazon Stolen Packages in Visalia ,CA

Amazon recommends the below process for all Amazon missing packages in Visalia,CA:

Firstly you need to ensure who is the selling party from Amazon. If it is a third-party seller, Amazon recommends that you contact them first to resolve the issue. If the third-party seller responds positively and refunds your lost packages, the procedure ends there. 

In case, if you get no response from the third-party seller, you can claim the Amazon A-Z Guarantee. The process involves verifying your claim before refunding your loss. Just keep in mind that your claim may not always be successful. You may also get rejected from getting an A-Z Guarantee refund. 

If your lost package was sold directly by Amazon, you can contact customer support from your account. You can chat or get call support to resolve your issue of Amazon lost packages. 

Click here for more information on dealing with Amazon missing packages

Handling USPS missing packages in Visalia,CA

In Visalia, CA, USPS recommends verifying in various ways before concluding if a package was lost due to theft. It suggests looking around different areas like the porch, mailbox, or garage. It may be possible that the delivery person left your package in an uncommon place. If you have searched everywhere and still could not place your USPS package, you can write an email to the local post office to get support within the next 2-to 3 days. 

Click here to know more about USPS missing packages

Handling UPS lost packages in Visalia,CA

UPS recommends waiting for a period of 24 hours before starting a claim for UPS lost packages. In case, you still do not receive your UPS package after 24 hours, you can start a claim. You can get the UPS claim process to enter information like package details, package IDs, transaction numbers, and your role. After filling out the details, you can submit your claim to receive a refund after the verification process. 

Check the link to know in detail about UPS lost packages

Handling FedEx lost packages in Visalia,CA

FedEx has clear instructions to follow when you have to claim a lost package. It includes filling out the online claim form, uploading supporting documents relating to the lost FedEx package, scheduling an inspection from the company or self, and lastly tracking the status of your claim. 

Click the link for additional information on FedEx lost packages

What is the difference between package lockers and a service like package receiving and package acceptance in Visalia,CA?

A package locker is a simple, safe, and effective delivery solution, where there is a physical storage box available with a key. Here packages can be left securely for collection by carriers, delivery companies, residents in apartment complexes, and customers at retail stores.

There is another category with regards to package lockers, namely Smart lockers, which provide secure storage for orders which the consumer retrieves using a provided barcode from their smartphone.These self-serve automated lockers are equipped with smart technology and are easily integrated into existing retailer ecosystems.

Stowfly, on the other hand is a  package receiving and package acceptance service that aims to put an end to doorstep package theft once and for all. This facility acts like your alternative address and receives packages on your behalf. The location could either be a neighborhood coffee shop, convenience store or a restaurant near you. You can rest assured that your packages will be taken care of and handed over to you until you wish to pick them at your convenience. Stowfly offers such services in Visalia,CA. 

How does Stowfly’s Package Receiving and Package Acceptance work in Visalia,CA?

Stowfly’s package acceptance and package receiving service in Visalia,CA is a simple & convenient way to get packages delivered to a location near you. If you are tired of dealing with issues regarding missed deliveries or stolen/lost packages, book a Stowfly location and ship your online deliveries there. You can always pick them up at your own convenient time. Save yourself from the hassle of having to stand in a line at the post office or wait longer to organize your re-delivery.

Stowfly package acceptance locations are absolutely safe to use.It works similarly to a package locker to take care of your online packages. You can choose Stowfly  locations for hassle-free delivery of your packages. If you are worried about USPS missing packages, Amazon missing packages, FedEx lost packages, or UPS lost packages, Stowfly package receiving manages every package effectively. 

Why Stowfly for Package Receiving and Package Acceptance in Visalia,CA?

1.Safety and Security

We understand that the safety and security of your packages are of utmost importance to you. Our team verifies every Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance location to ensure they are safe. Once the Stowfly location receives your package, a unique PIN code will be sent to your phone. You can pick up your package only after matching your PIN code at the Stowfly location. 

2. Insurance Coverage

We provide an insurance cover of $1000 for every booking to give that extra peace of mind. 

3.Affordable Pricing

Shipping your packages to a Stowfly location costs start at just $4 per package and $7.5 for monthly subscriptions.

4. Convenient Locations

Stowfly has a number of locations for you to choose from. Choose the one that is most convenient for you. If none of the locations listed work for you, you can choose to join our waitlist and we will notify you as soon as we have better options. 

5. Easy Booking

Stowfly locations can be booked in an instant. You can just log in to the Stowfly website or the mobile app. Select the self-storage units of your choice and the storage unit is just a tap away. 

6. Size Limit

At the minute, packages weighing below 50 lbs and measuring up to 2 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft are allowed to be shipped to a Stowfly location. Perishables are not allowed.

7. 24x7 Customer Service

We are always ready to help you. Our 24x7 customer service is available to you whenever you have any questions for us. You can reach out to us via call or email at any point in time.

Where can you find Stowfly’s package receiving and package acceptance in Visalia,CA?

Stowfly is expanding its network throughout Visalia,CA. Soon, Stowfly package acceptance and package receiving locations will be seen in  most of the neighborhood areas of Visalia,CA. Below are a few neighborhoods where Stowfly is rapidly adding package storage locations -

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in Downtown Visalia , Visalia

If you are in Downtown Visalia to explore package receiving and package acceptance service options, Stowfly is coming soon with many locations like  N Willis St, W Main St, N Johnson St & S West St near you.  If you have had experiences like a package not delivered by USPS  Visalia or Visalia FedEx lost package, get your online packages delivered to a Stowfly near you. Convenient locations near you make it easy to collect your packages at a time best suited to you.

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in Beverly Glen, Visalia

Stolen packages, missed deliveries and lost packages cause stress and frustration. Porch piracy is one of the leading causes of package theft. Silver Lake has seen many cases of package thefts in the past. Watch out for Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance locations in and around areas like W College Ave, W Beverly Dr, S Divisadero St and so on. These locations could either be coffee shops, bookstores, department stores, and other prominent shops near you in Beverly Glen.

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in Oval Park, Visalia

One of the city's oldest neighborhoods, Lincoln Oval Park is home to a much different Visalia.Its bustling downtown district is home to a thriving music scene and dozens of shops and entertainment venues. The network of stores and shops is being added in Oval Park as well. Soon, you will be able to book Stowfly package acceptance and package receiving service  and safely manage your online orders around areas like Pearl St, NE 4th Ave, N Court St and many others.

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in Green Acres, Visalia

Green Acres is a suburb of Riverside County, California. Green Acres offers residents a suburban rural mix feel and most residents own their homes.Stowfly is soon adding package receiving and package acceptance locations in Green Acres.You will be able to find many convenient options near you. You can request to deliver your packages to any of the Stowfly locations like Old State Hwy, El Centro Ave, Catalan Ave etc  and pick them up later.

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in Chinowths Corner, Visalia

Stowfly Package receiving and package acceptance Chinowths Corner aims to keep your packages safe from the notorious porch pirates while you’re busy. Chinowths Corner is an urban neighborhood and is made up of small apartment buildings and apartment complexes/high-rise apartments.Select a convenient Stowfly address to ship your packages to and collect them when you can.Stowfly locations will soon be available in and around areas like S Chinowths St, W Noble Ave  and many others. Package delivery lockers like Amazon Hub Counters and Amazon Lockers are also available in the neighborhood.

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in Oakwest, Visalia

Oakwest is a lovely suburban neighborhood with pine-lined roads. Here, 46% of the population works in executive and management jobs, followed by sales and service. An upper middle income residential area is prone to porch piracy thanks to frequent online deliveries. Make use of Stowfly, which is a package receiving and package acceptance service where all your packages are kept safe until pick-up time. Stowfly locations will soon be available in and around areas like W Hillsdale Ave, N Stokes St, W Robinwood Ave and many more.

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in Rector, Visalia

Rector is an upper middle income suburban neighborhood where most of the homes are owner occupied. Stowfly is adding many package acceptance locations near Cameron Creek, Avenue 283 ,Rd 148 and many more. All the Stowfly locations will be within walking distance of your place. You can easily go at your convenience to pick up your packages. These locations can prove to be useful in combating issues related to Fedex missing packages, UPS lost packages and so on.

Package receiving and package acceptance near you in Ambler, Visalia

In Ambler, 41% of the residents work in executive and professional positions, with many also working in service jobs. It is obvious that there are many online delivery orders places in this upper middle income neighborhood. This in turn invites unwanted attention from porch pirates, who wait to pry on any unattended parcels. That is  why a solution like Stowfly in Ambler is of paramount importance. Stowfly is adding package receiving and package acceptance services in S Burke St, E Country Ct, S Ross Av and other places in the neighborhood. 

Why Stowfly is your suitable package storage acceptance facility in Visalia, CA?

Stowfly package storage is a convenient,safe and affordable package storage facility that you can find in Visalia ,CA. Choose Stowfly Package receiving and package acceptance services and receive your package. You also get insurance coverage of $1000 on every booking. Say goodbye to UPS lost packages and FedEx lost packages. Missed deliveries, missed packages, and packages stolen of every kind.  Easy and simple to use and at such budget-friendly rates make Stowfly an easy choice for package storage. Book a Stowfly and have your packages delivered trouble-free!


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