What are the top delivery companies in the US?

What are the top delivery companies in the US?

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Delivery companies are in demand. They are helpful in various ways. Traditionally when they started, it was delivering packages from one place to another in an inorganized manner. Now, the delivery services are automated, efficient, and organized. With the boom of e-commerce, delivery companies have more work to do. The Covid-19 pandemic has only increased its workload.

In this article, we highlight top delivery companies in the US. Some work independently and some are associated with e-commerce giants as third-party delivery agencies. Whether you want to deliver a package to your loved ones from home or receive an order from online shopping, delivery services have a role to play.

All the delivery service companies have excellent package delivery systems. After the pandemic, due to the increase in online shopping, the problems of package theft or stolen packages are increasing. With this, the US is witnessing a lot of UPS lost packages, Amazon missing packages, and FedEx lost packages. We will see how to avoid these problems at the end of the article.

The top delivery companies in the US

1. United States Postal Service (USPS)

The tagline of USPS is “We connect the nation.” With the kind of delivery service USPS is making, the tagline suits them very well. They say they connect to every corner of the US. USPS is delivering packages to 160 million residences and businesses in the US. It is also the oldest postal service which started in the 18th Century. From then till now, the quality of delivery of USPS is only getting better. USPS is committed to the sustainable delivery of packages. It is associated with various organizations to ensure their service is environmentally friendly.

2. United Postal Service (UPS)

It was 1907 when Claude Ryan and Jim Casey took a $100 loan to start a messenger service in their garage. Today, the United Postal Service, often remembered as UPS, needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular delivery service providers in the US. UPS not only caters to domestic delivery but also international. It operates in more than 220 countries and territories.

The success of their delivery service reflects in their business numbers. Their revenue for the year 2021 is a whopping $97.3 billion. Their current employee count is 534,000. Their everyday package delivery is 25.2 million. With such impressive numbers, UPS has top-notch delivery services. UPS is constantly innovating to make the services better for their customers each day. If you have dealt with a lost UPS package, we will talk about a solution to avoid it at the end of the article.

3. FedEx

FedEx is yet another popular delivery service provider. It is not only well-known in the US but also around the globe. FedEx is known to be reliable and offers extraordinary service to various customers. Their customer base includes individuals, small and large businesses, and e-commerce sectors.

FedEx is a total technology and innovation-driven company. As a means for sustainable delivery, FedEx introduced Roxo - a robot that can deliver packages to various locations. FedEx offers cold chain solutions that are a boon to healthcare and critical shipments.

4. Amazon Logistics

Amazon is a household name in the US. Think of any product and the first place anyone reaches out is Amazon. Being an e-commerce giant globally, they are constantly striving to elevate the customer experience. Amazon Logistics is one such initiative by the e-comm giant.

Amazon Logistics is a shipping and delivery service via third party contractors. In this, delivery contractors receive packages from the Amazon warehouse, utilize Amazon technology to trace and track the delivery. Delivery agents here include anyone from motorcyclist to walker as well. This system has helped Amazon have a wide network of delivery agents. It has led to improved delivery speeds like same-day deliveries.

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5. DHL

DHL International was founded in San Francisco. It was later acquired by Deutche Post. It is now headquartered in Bonn, Germany. DHL International operates in the US and also all around the globe. It is also known to be a top game player in the delivery service industry. Their various services include - DHL Express, DHL global forwarding, DHL Frieght, DHL Supply Chain, and DHL e-commerce.

Along with the above delivery companies, US has other players like Blue Dart, Speed Dee, DoorDash, Grubhub, and others. All of them are making changes and implementing newer techniques to provide a smooth delivery experience. However, package theft and missed deliveries are rising. A simple Google search can reveal cases of USPS packages not delivered or Amazon stolen packages.We all need a solution to combat this.

How can you avoid stolen packages or missed packages?

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