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How is Product Packaging Functional and Important?

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Product packaging refers to the product cover used to protect the item from external factors like breakage, moisture, and handling and preparing goods for transport and sale.

The importance of packaging is increasing day to day in the modern era. Not only does packaging make the product look attractive, but it also acts as an important tool of sales promotion and boosting business activity.

Types of Product Packaging

Different types of packaging and their storage differences are as follows:

1. Primary Packaging

 Also known as retail packaging, its main purpose is to contain, protect, and preserve the finished product against contamination. Primary packaging also attracts attention and builds customer loyalty since it will be the first image that the end customer receives when coming into contact with the product. Though this packaging has little relevance or visibility in the day-to-day operations of the warehouse, it is particularly important in consumer or online sales products.

2. Secondary Packaging 

Secondary Packaging performs the function of displaying the brand name, features, price, and quantity. Secondary packaging is an additional layer that protects products along with holding and optimizing them for transport. For example, cardboard boxes, padding, separators, or other materials of different sizes and thicknesses, like a plastic film.

3. Transport Packaging 

Transport Packaging is used to hold and protect items during transit along with facilitating the handling and transport of goods but is not typically intended for forwarding to the end consumers. The main purpose of transport packaging is to ensure seamless movement of goods from one place to another.

 The rise of online shopping has been a game-changer for consumers around the world in recent years, transforming the way they shop and reshaping the retail industry as well. However, retailers, shipping companies and customers have been dealing with some last-foot delivery issues, mainly package theft.

The seriousness of this crime of opportunity and the deep concerns of package recipients who are desperate to avoid porch pirates at any cost have given rise to a new kind of packaging process, namely, discreet packaging.

What is Discreet Packaging and how does it work?

E-commerce businesses these days offer discreet packaging as an option for customers upon checkout on their website. Discreet packaging enables customers to receive their products privately and confidently. The exterior of this type of packaging leaves no clues as to what is inside the box. Only the retailer and customer will be able to tell what is inside the box, where it came from, who it’s from, or what’s inside based on the packaging.

Though it is believed that discreet packaging can reduce instances of stolen packages, it still cannot completely guarantee porch piracy from not occurring once the delivery agent drops parcels to your front door.

The Role of Package Receiving Services

The fact that a sneak thief can snatch your packages at any moment, leaving you without your package has prompted package recipients to make use of package receiving and package acceptance services.

Package receiving services can save customers, retailers, and shipping companies from the agony and the aftermaths of package theft like claiming for refunds, checking if items are genuinely lost and if the buyer has a case, or even initiating a scheduled inspection to process a claim and track its progress.

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You no longer have to deal with package woes, thanks to package receiving and package acceptance services managing your parcels hereafter!

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