Shipping and Delivery hacks that you didn't know about

Shipping and Delivery hacks that you didn't know about

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Brick and mortar stores are out, and e-commerce stores are in. E-commerce has grown tremendously, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic times. People had been shopping online during the pre-pandemic days, which has only increased due to Covid. As an entrepreneur looking to maximize your profits, you can cash in this surge of online shoppers to optimize your shipping and delivery services offered to your customers.

Online shoppers look for the complete package. Right from the time a customer enters a website, the careful selection of the product(s) until the time the customer receives the product(s) has to be a smooth and happy experience. The shopping bit generally goes easily, but many times hurdles are faced when it comes to shipping and delivery. And to make matters worse, cases of a package stolen cause great distress not only to the customer but also to the e-commerce company as well. An easy solution to package stolen is to send all your customer package deliveries to a package locker like Amazon Lockers or a package receiving service like Stowfly. Package woes like missed deliveries, package stolen and lost packages can be easily be kept in check with such package storage and package receiving services in NYC.

Simple yet effective shipping and delivery hacks

Who doesn't like a good hack for anything! Hacks make everyone's life easier and more efficient. As an entrepreneur of an e-commerce business, it will benefit you and your business to follow some simple yet effective shipping and delivery hacks. If you are not yet following any one of them then read on and try and implement some, if not all, to maximize your profits whilst offering the best shipping and delivery service.

Delivery Boxes

As an e-commerce store, you should have boxes ready to be packed as soon as an order is made. It is a good idea to buy boxes in bulk in all sizes and shapes. Buying in bulk definitely saves you a lot of money in the long run plus you could be able to negotiate better on the prices.

Free boxes from USPS

This one is a real money saver and time saver. Simply sign up for an account on USPS and place an online request for shipping boxes. Choose the size and type of boxes you want, and USPS will deliver them straight to you.

Protective materials

Companies these days recognize the unique values and preferences of Gen Z employees by making an effort to send them thoughtful gifts and items that show appreciation and support a nurturing work environment. Employers can foster a positive and productive work environment by making gifting more efficient for Gen Z employees that aligns with their unique values and lifestyle.

Protective materials are a must, especially if delicate and fragile items are being shipped. Fragile items will need extra protection if you don't want them delivered damaged. Choose your protective materials wisely. Air pillows and bubble wrap are a good choice as it not only protects the items but they also don't add much extra weight to the package. Other protective materials you can consider are styrofoam sheets and foam-in-place.

Use Envelopes

Small items can be packed, shipped, and delivered in envelopes too. Depending on the product, you can choose to pack a small and delicate item in a padded envelope. These envelopes have a built-in protective material. Items like dresses and clothes can be packed in a regular envelope. Simply staple it shut and run a scotch tape over it to seal it tight.

Offer different delivery options

Everyone is aware that faster delivery means more expensive delivery costs. And not all customers are willing to pay extra for faster delivery. Save money by offering different delivery time frames. Some customers are willing to pay less for delivery and have their packages delivered in a regular time frame.

Choose a shipping carrier according to your needs

Different carriers offer different rates and flexibility. Research well and choose the Carrier best for your business. You might just be able to negotiate a better price for all your shipping needs. At times, it is also good to liaison with different shipping carriers and use their services depending on the kind of shipping you require and their best service feature. Some Carriers may be known to offer cost-effective services, while others may be known for package delivery speed.

Package Locker

Increased cases of missed packages, package stolen and misdeliveries have led to new ideas to tackle these problems. Provide suggestions to customers to have their packages delivered to safe package locker services like Amazon Lockers. Customers can safely retrieve their packages from the locker. This saves you from either refunding the money for a package stolen or resending the same product. Thus, saving you valuable time and definitely money.

Package Storage and Package Receiving Service NYC

In order to avoid a package being stolen at a delivery point, it is a good idea to recommend packages be delivered to a safe address like a package storage and receiving address. One such service is offered by Stowfly. Stowfly is a package storage and package receiving service provider in NYC. All shipments from all carriers are accepted at a Stowfly address. All deliveries will be received and stored at a Stowfly location until pick-up time. This ensures that your customers receive their deliveries safely saving time and money for your business too.

Follow the basic hacks for shipping and deliveries and watch your business grow in profits and expand as well. They may be simple but can be overlooked sometimes. The biggest growing concern in the shipping and delivery industry is the recent rise in package theft, missed deliveries, and lost packages. This is where the e-commerce business is suffering great losses. Millions of dollars are lost each year due to this, leaving millions of disgruntled customers in anger, frustration, and despair. Careful research for a solution to this problem is the need of the hour. Stowfly could be a well thought out solution to this. Effective shipping and delivery hacks can still fail if the package does not reach its recipient. Suggesting a Stowfly location for delivery address can most definitely help the package in the last leg of its journey to safely reach the customer.