Why prioritize Penn Station Luggage Storage Services in NYC?

Why prioritize Penn Station Luggage Storage Services in NYC?

Penn Station has been the major hub of railway transportation since Amtrak began rerouting their lines from Grand Central in 1991. Located at 8th Avenue and West 31st Street, Penn Station is a major NYC landmark as well. The fact that the station serves two-in-one purposes makes Penn Station luggage storage a prerequisite.

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Why are Luggage Storage Services essential near Penn Station?

Located inside Pennsylvania Plaza between Seventh and Eighth Avenues in Chelsea on the edge of Midtown Manhattan, Penn Station is one of the busiest rail hubs in the world. Serving Amtrak, The New York City subway system, New Jersey Transit and the Long Island Railroad, Penn was originally built in 1910 and then remodeled several times. It serves commuters from New York City, Long Island and New Jersey.

If you happen to transit through Penn Station, chances are that you may find yourself with time to kill while waiting for your connection. You might be quite tempted to grab a quick bite of street food or traverse through the local landmarks or squeeze time for a quick drink. The only thing that can hold you back in this situation are your voluminous bags which constantly need your attention. Dragging them with you while you are on the go to have a good time is not such a great idea. So, should you drop your plans of catching a glimpse of what NYC has to offer and just sit moping around baggage worry?

Luggage storage NYC Penn Station is your go-to instant solution that comes in handy, to be able to drop off those bulky belongings and do exactly what you want to do in NYC. A few things to do after you stash your bag and baggage near NYC’s Penn Station are:

Explore a brief history of the Empire State Building

Located less than a mile southeast of Penn Station, the Empire State Building has been one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world. Adventurous visitors can ride the glass elevator all the way up to the 102nd floor and take in panoramic views of the city. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take unique photos awaits you.

Along with this closer to vicinity landmarks like Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty, all with a backdrop of Central Park and the Hudson River where luggage storage services are also available can be seen.

Take a tour of NYC’s famous cultural landmark, The Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is a fascinating place to explore as this “city within a city” offers visitors a host of attractions and is just a little over a mile from Penn Station.

Rockefeller Center’s Ice-Skating Rink, Radio City Music Hall, The center’s art-themed Chanel Gardens and NBC Studios can keep you captivated and engrossed. Along with this the observation deck at the Top of the Rock also offers some incredible views of downtown. Top-notch dining and shopping added make Rockefeller Center one of the best places to spend a layover near Penn Station.

Spend a day in Central Park

Central Park is the largest and most important public park in Manhattan, New York City. The enormous 843-acre urban park offers a nearly infinite variety of activities like Running or biking around the Central Park Reservoir, Bird-watching, boating on the lake, clicking unlimited insta-worthy pictures among the park’s stunning statues, fountains and bridges and so on.

You can find yourself right in the middle of Central Park if you take the train to 86th street from Penn Station.

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How does Luggage Storage Services by Vertoe have an upper hand over conventional Luggage Lockers near Penn Station?

Luggage lockers are conventional storage solutions, essentially a large locker or a set of small cupboards at a transport terminal like a railway station or in an airport where luggage can be left temporarily locked away safely. They are usually intended for use in public places for the short- or long-term private use of individuals. Users may rent a luggage locker for a single use or for a period of time for repeated use.

Though these luggage lockers act as a secure place to store belongings, they do come with their own set of shortcomings.

  • One of the biggest disadvantages is that each luggage locker has a limited space. One luggage locker might not be enough for all your bags. So you may have to end up paying more if you need space to fit in all your bags.This fact alone makes luggage lockers expensive.
  • With luggage lockers located mainly at transport hubs you may have to plan well in advance to commute all the way to drop off your bags instead of enjoying sightseeing or going ahead other activities right away, that makes it time-consuming.
  • You can never tell if the lockers are free or full until you get to the spot which can be tricky, as you may have to take out additional time and look for other storage options if they are full.

Vertoe’s luggage storage Penn station, on the contrary, offers conveniently placed locations in and around the surroundings for you to be able to effortlessly let go of your bags and proceed with whatever tasks you have a hand, be it work, business or pleasure.

Vertoe, a world leader in the luggage storage industry, is a preferred choice among tourists and localities alike when it comes to dropping their bags and other items near Penn Station. With multiple choices for storing baggage available at landmarks closer to Penn station , you have no reason to worry about having missed a Vertoe location and having to go back all the way lugging bags. Pick any one that is closest to you from where you wish to drop off your bags and you are all set for a bags-free experience.

A vast coverage of over 1000+ locations present across 65+ cities makes Vertoe a number one choice when it comes to luggage storage NYC Penn Station as well. Extremely affordable rentals of $5.95 per day makes it all the more worthwhile.

Safety and security of your belongings is prioritized at Vertoe, and the same goes with luggage storage Penn Station New York City as well. That is why an insurance sum of $5000 is offered along with uniquely coded tamper proof seals for your bags which in turn gives you that extra calmness and comfort.

Vertoe does not limit luggage storage New York Penn Station only to travelers, but also to commuters, students, professionals and anyone who wants to let go of their extra bags or daily work equipment for an hourly, daily or even monthly basis.

Make the best use of Vertoe luggage storage near Penn Station and take a last stroll around the ever bustling city and spread your wings of touristy agenda for as long as you wish to, totally hands-free!

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