Utilizing luggage storage in 30th Street Station Philadelphia

Utilizing luggage storage in 30th Street Station Philadelphia

The last remaining grand train station in America, the monumental 30th Street Station in Philadelphia is also Amtrak’s third busiest hub in the nation. 30th Street Station is the highlight of many travelers’ experiences, with the station’s grand concourse, five-story-high windows, and Art Deco chandeliers.

Three train services operate out of 30th Street Station: Amtrak, SEPTA (local and regional rail), and NJ Transit which makes luggage storage 30th Street Station a precondition for travelers to be able to put away their bulky bags and effortlessly make their way across one of the busiest intercity passenger railroad facilities in the United States.

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Where to eat, wait, and secrets about the historic 30th Street Station Philadelphia

30th Street Station is a major stop on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor and Harrisburg Line. It also serves as a major commuter rail station, served by all Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) Regional Rail lines, and is the western terminus for NJ TRANSIT's Atlantic City Line. The station is also served by several SEPTA city and suburban buses.

The Porch at 30th Street Station offers greenery, seating, food-and-drink options, and a great location to hang alfresco. Located on the south side of William H. Gray III 30th Street Station, The Porch features lunch from rotating food trucks, pop-up performances, lush landscaping, outdoor drinks in warmer weather, and plenty of places to relax. Adjacent to the third busiest train station in the country, between two magnificent historic buildings and within a short walk of over 16,000 jobs, The Porch is a key gateway to the region.

A few secret sneak peeks of the 30th Street Station you don’t usually get to see are listed below:

The Chapel (aka The Morgue)

The general public used to be able to visit the second floor of 30th Street Station, decades ago. There was a nondenominational chapel surrounded by wall panels with artworks done by a W.P.A. artist. During World War II, the remains of soldiers were transported through America by train. The chapel closed down to the public and became a makeshift morgue as an overflow area.

These days, the chapel is a conference room and is used by some of SEPTA’s highest-ranking employees to gather in for meetings.

The Boardroom

The 30th Street Station has a cool board that makes a clicking sound when track numbers are selected, or trains arrive or schedules change. It is an antique, perhaps one of only a handful still in operation in America. Most other train stations have gone digital. The board has probably been in 30th Street Station since the 70s or 80s and has a person operating the board from an office behind the customer service desk.

The Attic and The Roof

30th Street Station has an attic. And like most houses, the attic is primarily full of random storage and dark. There’s an empty shaft in one corner of the attic. You can look over the edge and see several stories down, all the way to the track level.

Way above 30th Street Station you can see how large the building is and get one terrific view of Center City from the roof.

30th Street Station luggage storage clears the way by means of a seamless transition for tourists in this hub for train transportation in the region so that dragging bags is the last thing they should be doing while making plans for the day to explore the city of Philadelphia which is known for its extensive contributions to American history.

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Vertoe’s credible luggage storage near 30th Street Station Philadelphia

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Bag storage facilities by Vertoe in Philadelphia are also available across other major attractions like Liberty Bell and Reading Terminal along with a noticeable presence in Suburban Street Station, which is also another major transit hub in the city.

Vertoe facilitates an ambiance for anyone looking to store their bags anywhere from a few hours to a few days by connecting them with local shops that have the space. However, at no point is the safety of your bags compromised when your bags are left with Vertoe’s verified location partners. Uniquely coded tamper-resistant seals are secured onto your belongings along with an insurance sum of $5000 is also offered.

If heavy baggage is what is stopping you from exploring the best experiences inside and near 30th Street Station, then wait no further. Book 30th Street Station luggage storage with Vertoe and get started on a walking tour to enjoy numerous Philadelphia attractions that are located within a mile of the station completely hands-free!

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