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Utilize Luggage Storage Services to effortlessly glide through Union Station Chicago

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An iconic building and a marvel of modern transportation for nearly a century, Chicago’s Union Station is also a grand building worthy of the city’s status as a national railroad hub. Union Station Chicago is the nation’s 3rd-busiest station overall, and it is Amtrak’s 4th busiest. More than 3 million Amtrak customers and 35 million Metra passengers use the station annually and utilize over 300 trains per day.

Luggage storage Union Station is invaluable in this hub for mid-western corridor services and long-distance trains serving the West for visitors to be able to let go of their bags and take in the iconic building and a marvel of modern transportation and is also an intercity and commuter rail terminal.

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A guide for everyone on things to do in Union Station Chicago

Union Station in Chicago is a stunning example of architecture and design. The station is a hub of transportation, connecting visitors and residents alike to trains, buses, taxis, and the “L” subway system. Today, Union Station is not only a functioning transportation center, but also a popular destination for shopping, dining, and events. The beauty and history of Union Station make it a must-see attraction in Chicago. A few not to be missed attractions within the station include:

The Great Hall

The Great Hall, which is the station's ornate Beaux-Arts main waiting room, is one of the United States’ most historic and memorable public spaces with its 219-foot-long vaulted skylight and connecting lobbies and stairwells. The building features a grand entrance hall with a large clock, marble flooring, and a sweeping staircase. The ceiling is adorned with ornate chandeliers, and the walls are adorned with sculptures and paintings. The Great Hall also serves as a hub for Amtrak trains and other modes of transportation, with various shops and restaurants located in the surrounding areas. It is a popular tourist destination and is considered one of the city’s architectural treasures.

The Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge

The Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge is a premium lounge available to Amtrak passengers with a valid business or first-class ticket. It offers a comfortable, quiet space to relax or work, as well as a variety of amenities such as Wi-Fi, food and beverages, and power outlets. The lounge is located within Union Station, one of Chicago’s main transportation hubs.

Exhibitions and stores in Union Station Chicago

Union Station in Chicago, along with being a historic transportation hub and a popular tourist destination also offers a variety of exhibitions and displays, including permanent and temporary exhibits on its concourse and throughout the building.

Union Station is home to several stores, including newsstands, gift shops, clothing stores, and specialty food stores. You can also find restaurants and cafes that serve a variety of food and drinks. There are many options available to satisfy your cravings if you are in the mood for a quick snack or a sit-down meal.

Chicago Union Station luggage storage is where you should be heading to to drop your bags and explore this masterpiece of elegance and beauty, offering a variety of activities and attractions for tourists and locals alike.

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Convenient space to store your luggage in Union Station Chicago

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