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Secure Luggage Storage Services near Union Station LA

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Union Station LA was originally commissioned in the late 1920s. With the advent of automobile and airplane passage that stimulated speeder travel, the heyday of railroad journeys saw a decline in the 1930s. A thorough restoration that spearheaded a revitalization during the 1990s led to the glory that it upholds even to the present day.

This iconic station swarming with tourists and locals calls for bag storage services, so that visitors can experience a timeless avenue through a passage of time and destinations without carrying heavy bags in tow.

A basic guide to Union Station luggage storage services can be found in this blog.

Hidden Delights of Union Station LA

Union Station LA is now the heartbeat of the city, conducting throngs of commuters and travelers alike from the rich past of its opulent decor to the modern hustle and bustle of today.

Thousands of people pass through Union Station LA every single day. However not many of them know about some immersive public art and tranquil spots that are hidden throughout the complex. Few of them are listed below:

A Train

At the top of the escalators to the Red/Purple Line platforms is Union Station’s most compelling piece of public art, which crowds of people rush by not realizing that there are hidden images waiting to be glimpsed.

If you keep looking at it for long enough, the seemingly random lights will form images passing across the wall: portraits of old Hollywood stars, famous icons, trains, taxis, and buses will start passing by. Across the escalators from the artwork, on the sign for A Train, is a microphone. If you say the right words, you can activate one of a couple dozen or so pre recorded sounds that are part of the artwork.

City of Dreams / River of History

A unique artwork collaboration between two artists, May Sun and Richard Wyatt, who worked together to develop all elements of the artwork’s multiple interlinking elements including the 80 foot long mural, aquarium, floor tiles and river bench. An undulating aquarium holds 7,500 gallons of water and is populated with indigenous coastal fish. Line drawings of historical figures are etched onto the aquarium glass, reinforcing the melding of past and present as well as the interrelationship between man and nature.

Homebound Brew Haus

Tucked away in Los Angeles Union Station, this taproom, which is part brewery, part Art Deco design masterpiece with plenty of seating inside and out on the patio beer garden area, with multiple TVs set up to catch sports games galore is something that one should not miss while at Union Station LA.

Union Station LA does not offer public luggage lockers for passengers. However, passengers can store their things with Amtrak Baggage Claim , which unfortunately comes with steep bag storage fees for Amtrak-ticketed passengers.

Union Station luggage storage Los Angeles becomes all the more paramount for visitors to be able to shed off the extra load in the midst of some of L.A.’s most traveled highways in what has been dubbed “the last of the great railway stations” in the United States.

Luggage Storage near Union Station LA - made simple by Vertoe

Los Angeles Union Station luggage storage by Vertoe is the best option for you to disengage your extra bulky backpacks and suitcases to indulge and experience the commercial, financial, and cultural center of Southern California to the fullest without annoying baggage burden.

Vertoe is a leading name in the luggage storage industry. With a far-reaching network coverage of 1000+ storage locations spread across 65+ cities, you are sure to find one closest to you and within your reach effortlessly.

An array of Vertoe’s conveniently placed luggage storage locations in and around Los Angeles like Downtown Los Angeles, Staples Center, Universal Studios Hollywood , Hollywood ,Griffith Observatory , The Getty Center, Santa Monica, Venice Beach , Staples Center & West Hollywood facilitates an easy and breezy transition for you to be able to simply drop your bags and go ahead with your chalked out activities.

Union Station bag storage gives utmost importance to the safety of your bags. Hence, all bags are secured using uniquely coded tamper-resistant seals to be extra sure. An insurance sum of $5000 is also offered to give you that much needed peace of mind.

At modest rentals of $5.95 per bag, it is a pocket-friendly deal, enabling you to make optimal utilization of opting for public transport or a leisurely stroll, which otherwise could have led to a situation of having to hire expensive cabs or rental cars due to taking excess bags along.

Los Angeles International Airport & Burbank Airport are few other major transportation hubs in Los Angeles where you can store luggage in Los Angeles and explore the city of stars hassle-free! 

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