How to avoid DHL lost packages?

How to avoid DHL lost packages?

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DHL lost packages can come across as a surprise. DHL is one of the popular delivery management companies in the USA. It is a German logistics company that provides courier, package delivery, and express mail service around the world. They have several locations across the country. They are successfully carrying out package delivery to households and businesses. In fact, they deliver 1.6 billion parcels per year globally.

During a normal day, a package from DHL reaches the customer without any trouble. As we know, the rates of porch piracy are increasing in the USA. At times, when you are expecting a parcel from DHL, you may not find it at all. One of the best ways to verify what happened to your DHL parcel is to look at the delivery status. If you see the delivery status is complete, then it can be a possibility of DHL lost package.

Follow the steps below to confirm DHL lost packages

Before you visit the DHL website to look for claiming for DHL lost packages, you can follow the below steps -

  1. Check with a neighbor if they have received your DHL package
  2. Check all over your porch to see if the DHL package is hidden anywhere
  3. Call the delivery agent to check where the DHL package was left

If you have followed all the steps above and still could not find your package, you can then proceed towards claiming for DHL lost package.

How to claim DHL lost packages?

As per DHL's website, a claim can be done for lost packages or when there is missing content in the DHL package. DHL follows certain guidelines before accepting the claim. From the their team investigation is conducted before a claim is resolved. They say, all the proof that suggests a lost package should be retained by the claimant.

The inspection is deemed invalid if the claimant does not retain original shipment and packaging at the original delivery location. Or the claimant does not produce the shipment or cooperate in the retrieval of it. The DHL claim policy also states that, “only two parties have the right to submit a claim: the bill-to party (DHL account holder) or, in certain cases, the shipper.”

Below are some of the details that DHL requests about the missing items or lost content -

  • Account Number
  • Waybill Number
  • Weight of the shipment
  • Weight of the claimed items

Below are some of the details DHL requests about the claimant -

  • Contact Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Further in the claim form, DHL requests the claimant to provide as many details of the missing shipment or lost content with the below questions -

What is the current status of the shipment?

  • Missing Content (Shipment arrived but items are missing)
  • Missing Piece (one or more pieces of a multiple-piece shipment did not arrive)
  • Lost (Shipment did not arrive)

Was shipment value protection purchased?

  • Yes
  • No

Further below, the claim form requests information on different claimed items numbered as item 1, item 2, item 3, etc. Once all this information is filled up, the claim opens a section for uploading the required documentation. To easily claim a DHL lost package or DHL missing package - click here.

A complete FAQ section on the DHL website answers queries on the claim form. Find the FAQ section - here.

Use Stowfly to avoid DHL lost packages or missing packages

As you have seen above, claiming for a DHL missing or lost packages comes with various rules and regulations. Not only DHL, other package delivery companies such as USPS, UPS, Amazon, and FedEx, of them have defined policies for missing packages. Claiming a refund can turn out to be smooth or tedious, no guarantee about that.

What if, you had a simple solution that could totally avoid the problems of DHL missing packages? You can save a lot of time. Most importantly, you can worry less about losing an important package.

How do Stowfly works?

Stowfly brings to you an easy solution. You can get away with the rising package theft and missed deliveries problem. Stowfly is a network of local stores and shops near you. It offers package receiving and package acceptance services. It works in a way to make your package management simple.

Stowfly locations are mostly the local supermarket or a cafe. Once you book a Stowfly location, you can call it your secondary address. This becomes the place of delivery for your packages. Once the packages are received, it is kept safe until you receive them at your convenience. The prices of Stowfly services are affordable starting from $4 per package.

If you have more packages in a month, the monthly subscription starts at $7.50 for 5 packages. For the security of your packages, the price comes with $1000 insurance coverage. Also, all the locations are completely verified before they are added to Stowfly's network.

Finally, for any problems connected to Amazon stolen packages or UPS lost packages, or missing packages from any delivery company, Stowfly is soon going to soon available near you in the USA.