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Befitting Luggage Storage Services near Grand Central Terminal

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Grand Central Terminal is an iconic American train station in New York City and is certainly worth a visit. Its novel, two-level station, made possible by electric traction, streamlined both train and passenger movement by separating long-haul and suburban traffic and employing an extensive system of pedestrian ramps throughout the facility.Tourists are bound to get awestruck by this historic terminal and the ambience that it offers.

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Are Luggage Storage Services near Grand Central Terminal vital?

Grand Central Terminal also has the distinction of being one of the world's ten most-visited tourist attractions. It is a remarkable urban campus, a sprawling complex of shops, office towers, hotels, and swank apartments built above the tracks and tunnels and also provides access to many cultural and commercial attractions in Midtown Manhattan.

Grand Central Terminal deserves to be on everyone’s must-see list. It also happens to be one of the best free things to do in NYC. A large number of people, including tourists, shoppers and commuting locals, who—despite passing through the beloved landmark on a daily basis—may be unfamiliar with the many secrets it holds. A few of the hidden attractions of this terminal are listed below:

Hidden attractions inside Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is an architecturally impressive structure from both the outside along Park Avenue as well as the inside. Several thousands of commuters pass through the station every day, and several more thousands of visitors drop by the station every day to admire its architecture or to have lunch at one of the station’s restaurants, the most famous of which are probably Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse and the Oyster Bar. Not to be missed attractions inside Grand Central Terminal include:

  • Two Valuable clocks: The world's largest Tiffany clock, weighing in at 1,500 tons and spanning 13 feet in diameter sits outside, on the station’s facade. There is another one inside the main hall, the four-sided ball clock that sits atop the information kiosk is worth an estimated $10 million.
  • A hidden bar inside: A sumptuous lounge awaits you inside the Grand Central Terminal, called the Campbell, which is one of the best hidden bars in New York. Jazz Age-inspired cocktails and themed concoctions like Prosecco-spiked Grand Central Spritz are served here.
  • Tennis courts inside the station: A little known fact that the Vanderbilt Tennis Club is on the fourth floor and open to the public. Anyone willing to pay the rates can reserve time on the courts and in the fitness center.
  • Windows with hidden walkways: While most people recognize the signature glass windows of Grand Central Terminal‘s atrium, many may be surprised to know that those windows contain walkways.They exist so employees who work in the offices above the terminal can navigate it without fighting through the crowds down below.

It is quite easy to get swept away in the wonders of this iconic NYC attraction. Take a leisurely stroll at your own pace, revisit some of your favorite niches without having to be bogged down by burdensome bags.

As of today ,there are no bag storage facilities or luggage lockers within the station premises.Therefore luggage storage near Grand Central Terminal becomes all the more crucial for visitors to drop their bags and explore the terminal that has served as both a convenience and an architectural wonder along with being the sixth most visited tourist attraction in the world.

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How does Vertoe meet all your Luggage Storage requirements near Grand Central Terminal?

Vertoe is the world's first highly instant short term luggage storage provider with an extensive network that covers 1000+ locations across 65+ cities. With plenty of easily accessible bag storage locations near Grand Central Terminal like Central Park, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center among many others, you need not have to go through the cumbersome process of dragging your bags all the way along on a touristy mission.

Letting go of your bags does not mean that you have to compromise on safety and security. Uniquely coded tamper-proof seals and secured onto your bags to make sure that they stay untampered and intact and an insurance sum of $5000 is offered just to give you an added assurance.

Vertoe’s luggage storage Grand Central New York is not available only for the benefit for travelers alone, but can also be used by daily commuters, working professionals , students or anyone else wanting to let go of their extra bags or work equipment for an hourly, daily or even monthly basis.

Nominal rentals at $5.95 per day make it even all the more budget-friendly. You can also save on cab and rental vehicle charges and hop onto a public transport or take a leisurely stroll towards your preferred landmark or attraction without burdensome baggage in tow.

Make use of Vertoe’s conveniently located luggage storage services in all other major transit spots in NYC like Penn Station, JFK Airport, Newark Airport & Port Authority make the most of your time around the Big Apple without baggage burden.

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