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7 Things to Remember for a Safe Online Shopping Experience

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Safe online shopping practices are a must. Given how online shopping is soaring on the internet. It is one of the fastest growing businesses globally. The E-commerce industry has noted tremendous growth year on year. With the penetration of mobile phones to every corner, online shopping has added scope. According to an article by Shopify, the global e-commerce market in 2022 is expected to reach $5.55 trillion.

The greatest advantage of online shopping lies in its convenience. Open your mobile phone, scroll through various options, check the prices, and place an order. Wait for a day or sometimes just a few hours, your order is already at your doorstep. Most people would prefer this method versus going to malls and spending hours to find the right product.

As tempting as it looks, it is always better to play safe than sorry. It is not uncommon to have unpleasant online shopping experiences. Hence, we bring to you a list of helpful pointers that can save you from unwanted online shopping nuisances.

1. Thoroughly read about the product

Images are the main attraction for online businesses. Sometimes the images are so good that we forget to read the product descriptions. The first cut of product descriptions may have fancy adjectives to appeal to you. However, when you scroll down, you will get detailed product information.

For example - Let us take an example of blue denim jacket. In picture, you can find the colour you want. When you go down, you may find a line saying - “The actual color may differ from the picture shown.” Hence it is always a good idea to read through the entire product information before buying.

2. Compare similar products

Let us say, you have finalized a product for a good deal. Take a few more minutes to compare the similar products in other websites. Another option is to look for similar products on the same website. Comparing products will give you a fair idea on the pricing and quality.

You must be careful while buying a product from “too good to be true” deals. You wouldn't want to feel disappointed with the quality when you receive the product. Comparison amongst the similar products can help you make the right shopping decision.

3. Understand all about refund and returns

While ordering you may always think you have an option to return or exchange. Here is the catch, some of the online retailers dont give this option. When you read the product information in detail, you may find a clause which states if the product can be returned or exchanged.

Certain category of products from fashion or household items usually have easy return options. Some items belonging to electronics may not have this provision. Also, if you are looking to buy delicate or fragile items, ensure to read the entire terms and conditions for returns and exchange. That way you are always sure to get a refund for receiving damaged product.

4. Beware of scams

Scamsters are always looking for ways to find a scapegoat on the internet. They pry in different ways to get hold of sensitive information. Your personal banking information is something that they are fondly looking for. So ensure, whenever you are transacting from an unfamiliar website, you double check whether it is a secure platform.

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5. Take a look at reviews

Reviews are the best way to understand everything about your products. Reading reviews and looking at the star ratings can help you make a decision. Since reviews come from real users of the product, you can get a clear picture. Now a days, you can see a lot of customer images in the review section. This also enables you to understand all about the product before proceeding with your purchase.

6. Shop from familiar or reputed websites

There are plenty of online businesses today. Some of them have amazing pictures that you may feel tempted to purchase from their website. Sometimes, there may not be enough security on new e-commerce sites. Transacting payments from such websites can put you through the risk of leaking personal information. Choosing reputed e-commerce websites like Amazon or eBay can avoid leaking of data. These websites sophisticated encryption mechanisms to protect your important information.

7. Use a package receiving and package storage service

A pleasant online shopping experience includes receiving the package on time. Since the pandemic,stolen packages have been on the rise. Even reputed companies have complaints like missing packages. A search for a FedEx lost package is not uncommon on Google.

In a scenario like this, a package receiving service in NYC can be greatly helpful. Stowfly is one such service that is available in every neighborhood in NYC. It is a network of trusted shops and stores which act like your secondary delivery address. Here, your online packages are safely received and stored until you pick them up at your convenience.


Online shopping has given us the convenience of being at home and yet buy anything that we want. To have a great online shopping experience, one must also stay safe and receive the right product. Following a few simple steps can avoid anyone from being a victim of online shopping scams and protecting their private information.