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The 3 biggest mistakes people make when receiving their first online delivery

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Online shopping is the new normal today. Most businesses operate online, and most brick-and-mortar stores also have an online presence. The advancement and affordability of smartphones have made all sorts of information accessible with the tap of a finger. And as shopping moves from retail stores to online stores, new kinds of business opportunities have emerged.

Online shopping is on the rise. Whether it is shopping for clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, furniture, or even groceries and food, online shopping is something that everyone must have partook in at some point in their lives.

The ease of online shopping is that you can shop from anywhere and get your shopping delivered right to your doorstep. The plus points are great, but deliveries have also given rise to new types of social problems. Porch pirates stealing deliveries from your porches or doorsteps are increasing along with other package delivery issues like missed packages, and lost packages. All delivery companies are tackling these issues. Amazon packages stolen, USPS lost packages, and FedEx lost packages are some of the common problems in package delivery.

3 Mistakes made receiving your first Online Delivery

To help avoid these issues the best you can, we have identified 3 of the most common and crucial mistakes shoppers make when waiting to receive their online orders. Read on to make sure you are not doing the same and save yourself the anger, frustration, and not to mention monetary loss it causes both the sender and the recipient.

1. Shipping deliveries to your home address when you're busy at work

The excitement of first-time delivery can be quite overwhelming. Shoppers tend to quickly fill out their home address as their shipping address. This is a huge mistake if you're not going to be available to receive your delivery. Packages delivered and left unattended attract the attention of the porch pirates, who are always on the lookout for such opportunities. One way to avoid this is to get your shopping delivered to your office address. Another alternative is to use a package locker service like Amazon. Amazon Lockers is a package receiving service. They are smart lockers that can be used to securely receive packages. Stowlfy is another convenient option you can select. Stowfly is a package receiving and storage service that lets you ship your packages to any one of its locations, and gives you the convenience to collect them at a time convenient to you.

2. Forgetting to track your shipment

Once you've placed your order, it is important that you keep track of your package. Most delivery companies have the “Track Package” tab on their websites. It is a good idea to follow where your package is at. The “Track Package” tab gives real-time information about where your package is at and how many stops or how much time more it is going to take before it finally arrives at your registered address. FedEx allows tracking your shipment by tracking number, reference number, or transportation control number. You can track your Amazon, USPS, and UPS deliveries by their tracking numbers. Tracking your packages allow you to be available to receive your deliveries. You can plan your day accordingly, ensure that someone is present at the time of delivery, or make changes to your delivery time or day.

3. No security systems installed

Due to the rising incidents of package thefts, installing a security system is of utmost importance. A good video surveillance system or a video doorbell can discourage porch pirates from approaching your property. A video doorbell alerts you if someone approaches your door and allows you to interact with the person remotely. You can interact with your delivery person and instruct him/her to leave your package in a safe place. Videos captured by the security cameras can help police catch the culprits. As more and more cases of package thefts are reported all around the country, it is now a crime and anyone caught in the act can be charged with theft, property crime, and other offenses.

Be a smart shopper and utilize and explore the different solutions available to safely receive your shopping. Amazon package receiving services like Amazon Lockers and Amazon Hub Counters are great but you can only send your Amazon shopping to them. An alternate solution is Stowfly package storage and receiving service. Send any of your online shopping to a Stowfly address and it will be safely received and stored for you. You can pick it up at your convenient time and day.

Unlike shopping at traditional retail stores, online shopping is an exciting experience because you have to wait to receive your shopping. Don't let it turn out to be an unhappy and disheartened one. Be prepared to your receive your shopping and avoid the 3 biggest mistakes mentioned above.